October 22, 2010

i wish...

that for one whole day
 i could go shopping
 and buy whatever i wanted
 without having to
 think twice about money.
  i'm not talking buying cars
 or anything big like that.
  i'm talking about the grocery store
 or the mall or costco.
  ok maybe a little fabric
 and quite possibly a trip to
 dear lizzy and thanksgiving point
 with a jewelry stop at busy biddy
 and i'd really like some 
anthro boots...
but other than that
 just the basics.
  and if i could take along
 a couple of friends
 and a sister or two
 that would be awesome too.
  if i'm gonna wish i should wish big.

  speaking of wishing big...
maybe the night before
 all the extra weight i carry
 around could magically disappear
 in my sleep and
 then shopping for clothes
 the next day would be wayyy more fun...
and maybe it could 
stay away forever.
  and i'd wish the same one
 as that last one for a
 sweet lady i know.

-k that's the end of my wish for today.

here's to dreaming big dreams and wishing on stars...

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