October 24, 2010

i wish...

i wish that today every single person
 in the whole world could 
spend a day filled with joy.
not just happiness but outright joy.
they could spend lots of time belly laughing
 and seeing all the good there is to see.
of course there would need to be 
people that loved them all around.
and to end the day perfectly i 
wish that they could end it around the
 table, or campfire, or rug, or whatever 
was their custom
 and enjoy a big delicious meal.
surrounded by friends and family.
lots of talking and laughing and being together.
just for one day...
i wish everyone in the entire world could be happy.
can you imagine how amazing that would be?

i know that wish is a little unrealistic but could you have 
a day filled with joy, just for me? 


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