November 22, 2010


i'm gathering.
gathering inspiration.
this will inspire you.

November 20, 2010

brave girls club...

i found something new today.
it's called the brave girls club.
if you are a girl you 
should go and check it out.
i think those girls are 
on to something good over there.
i think i want to go to one of their
 sold out a year in advance camps.
i'll put it on my someday list.
they talk about living a life full of joy.
for those of you who know me best 
you know why i would
 love to go to that camp.
i think i will settle for the
 online e-course for now.

whilst i was over there reading
 about those lovely girls, i found a quote.
a perfect quote for the
 *end of the hall inspirational chalkboard. * 
wow that was a mouthful.
which, by the way, is working.  
maya just asked me why i was erasing the 
i am good, i am smart,
 and i don't know what the rest of it 
said stuff that was on there.
she is getting bits and pieces.
that, to me, is a win.

so back to the quote at hand.
faith is something that
 doesn't quite come easily to me.
i'm a questioner, an analyzer,
 things have to make sense to me.
so anyway...i like this.
it hit home this morning.
just like a good quote should.

no, my 7 yr old did not write this.
i did, chalk challenged remember?

here's to a day full of  
hope and faith,
hey wasn't there a sit-com named that?
not that kind of hope and faith if there was.

November 18, 2010

christmas decor...

is it weird that i've wanted to decorate for christmas since halloween?
i have, and i think it's weird.

i have been looking at old magazines and the new farm chicks book trying to get inspiration.
i want to do something different.
i need to go through and get rid of decorations from years past.
i'm about as excited to do that as pluck out my armpit hair with tweezers.
that's hard to think about doing because so many of them have memories.
i went online and googled decorating front porches today.
there are not alot of inspiring front porches online.
i'm trying to get it done before the big storm hits us this weekend.
dave did get the lights on the house yesterday.

why am i telling you this?
i dunno really.
wasting time so that i can postpone going through christmas decorations.
urghh.  it's gotta get done.

i do really want a wreath from this place though...
isn't it pretty?
i'll bet it smells divine.

wish me luck,
i'll post some pictures when the inspiration comes through for the porch.

*smiles at ya*

November 14, 2010

melinda smith photography...

i have the privilege of being good friends with this lady.
she came out a few weeks ago and did a little shoot at our house with us.
she did a fabulous job even with what she had to work with here. *wink*
here are a few...

this is maya's i'm not gonna do what you want me to look...
love that she got it on film.

this one would not smile. no way.

i love how her eyes sparkle in this one.

she did a great job...thanks mindy!

November 11, 2010

yay for you quote...

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn't serve the world. There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us, it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”
~marianne williamson

it rocks!!

November 10, 2010

21 days...

so without going into any details because ya'll don't really want to hear em.
believe me.
i don't even want to hear them.
i have been in the depths for a week or so.
deep, dark, nasty depths.

i've been looking forward for a while now to the 21 day challenge over here...
i don't know if you have heard of rhonna but i saw her on tv one day and she sparkles
so much i had to go and take a look at her blog.
well, i was hooked.
so she does this challenge thing...
it looks like a good idea.
i got excited.
then the deep darks hit and all excitement left my body for anything.

this morning i have a few hours to myself and decided to go and watch the web show
that launched 21.
if you have time it's well worth watching.
she picks me up.
anyhow, she spoke right to my heart.
reached right into the deep dark and lit a little light.
*sparked* me if you will.
i'll be joining the 21 challenge first thing in the morning after i get all my ducks in a row.
and after watching the web show i know exactly what it will be about.
my challenge.
it's my challenge but i have a good idea about how to make it more positive.

so, why am i telling you this?
maybe you should join me.
it's not too late.

here's to a better day!

November 7, 2010

wall o' photos...

i've had a red cabinet at the end 
of my hall for about 11 yrs.
big d hated it because he just
 couldn't not run into it
 going into the girls room.
??? who knows.
when we redid the bathroom, 
much to his delight,
 the cabinet found a new home there.
so then my brain started thinking, 
hmmm what can i do with that wall.
because as i mentioned before
 wall space is in short supply
 and god forbid one should
go to waste, right?

first it was a chalkboard wall 
but the thought of chalkboard dust
 on the floor sent my poor
 ocd husband into a frenzy
 of nervous no-ness.
  i believe it was a 
are you crazy? kind of moment.
then it was a giant magnet board, 
then it settled down to a picture wall.
then the dilemma of picture frames.
  i had got some before at ikea
 that had no frame and
 that is what i wanted.
  well wouldn't you know that
 ikea no longer has those frames.
  damn the luck.
so i stumbled upon some 
super cheap walmart frames
 that just have a tiny 
little bit of black around the picture.
  i think i probably got
 all the ones on my 
wall for under $20.  bargain!!
  i stuck a chalkboard
 right in the middle
 so that i could put 
inspirational quotes that we
 have to look at everyday 
but i can also change
 whenever i get the it.
  i have got a few pictures in
 but i want to get fun ones
 of our family so
 i am beginning the looking
 through all of our pictures
 to find the 'perfect' ones.
  no posers except for
 the one of mady and maya 
because it's my favorite picture
 of them of all time. 
 so sweet.
  i also have a fantastic place
 for my pictures i got
  her things make me smile big.
so without any further rambling
 on  here are the first pictures...

did i mention before that i am chalk challenged?
i believe i did.
did i also mention that the buttermilk 
colored twin to this chalkboard is
available for sell here?
well it is. *smile*

have a glorious day full of delight!

November 6, 2010


do you ever have those days where you just think a bunch of random things that you are grateful for?
i am having one of those days.
so i am going to share, you are so excited i know.
hang with me.

the other day big d and i were watching 'goblet of fire'...we're trying to watch them all before the new one comes out.  we are total harry potter geeks.  anyway at the end when cedric dies i always cry when his dad starts yelling, 'my boy, my boy', i'm all choked up now.  i'm such a boob.  so i look over and my big tough husband...he's crying too.  i love that  guy.  i love that he cries now that he's getting a little older.

is it weird that i think it's totally cute that when i'm sitting here sometimes the little one runs by yelling, 'me have to go to the bathroom...i gotta poop, poop, poop!'?  i have to wipe her when that happens and she likes to announce that it's happening beforehand.  it's really cute.  everything she does is really cute.

i love it that maya is getting really excited about reading.  we got in the truck today and she started reading a pattern book that i had in there.  she did pretty well to except for words like photocopier. *smile*  i hope that she continues to love to read and that she will read 'anne of green gables' because i could never get mady to read it.

i got pictures (i'll post them later) yesterday in the mail that my sweet friend mindy took for us.  i never realize how fat i am until i see myself in pictures.  i wonder why i always think i'm skinnier than i am.  i hate fat.  i hate having to worry about fat. and i dearly wish that i liked to work out and would just make myself stop drinking pepsi.  it just sucks.  the pictures of my family are awesome though!  can't wait to show them to you.

i love it that mady finally has made a good friend at school.  who knew it would be so difficult.  please god make her be a good friend that is loyal because mady's never had one.  she really needs to be able to believe in the good in people.

my husband is a good guy.  he totally cleaned the house thursday so that i could do whatever i wanted yesterday.  i love that he knows how to clean.  thanks shanna for that great gift.

my brother-in-law's dad died yesterday.  his wife died a while ago and he died on their 68th wedding anniversary.   isn't that just amazing?  can you imagine the reunion?  he has also been in a wheel chair for a long, long time without the use of his body.  i can't imagine the freedom that he felt when he was finally rid of that thing.  i know his family is sad and will miss him but i can't help but be happy that he is in such a better place with his sweet wife.

well that's it.  there's a bunch more going on in there but i'll just end there.

hope you are having a fantastic saturday!
i'm currently listening to two girls yell at each other and the little one throw things at the wall.

November 5, 2010

the farm chicks throw a party!

so it's no secret that i love the farm chicks.
i do.
i think serena is *lovely*
and i knew her new christmas book would be too!

i finally bought it on amazon.
i needed a little more to get free shipping!
really i've just been waiting til i needed
something else and could sneak it in. *wink*
and because i just can't be in spokane this week  {sigh}
i will just have to join the party online.
can i just tell you that if i had money i would fly
to Spokane this weekend and join the party at 
because that celeste, well she is also *lovely*.
i got the privilege of meeting her at 
the show and she is just good people.
so imagine how excited i was when i found 
out that her home was in the book...
all decked out for christmas!
and guess what else?
teri edwards, the retired farm chick...
well her home was in there too.
she and i...well we have the same taste
and it was awesome to see all of her fabulous
antiques and vintage christmasy things.
{sigh again}

serena's little online soire
is a way for us to share what we loved 
about the book...
umm everything!
and to share a christmas tradition.
well imagine my delight, yes delight, that
we share a christmas tradition.
seems that the thompsons
also do an appetizer feast on
christmas eve.
who knew we were cool like that?

here are a few pictures of 
last year's yumminess.

it gives me a great excuse to bring out all
of the good dishes and
set a pretty table.  i love that!
and i love to cook lots of good 
things for my family.
it makes me feel all warm inside.
and i think they like it too.

i  thought i might share
with you my husband's fabulous rib recipe.

it's simple but it is tasty.
we buy a rack of baby backs...
baby back, baby back, baby back
sorry i had to do it
usually about 3 lbs.
he salts it with some garlic salt really good.
then we put it in a baking pan
and cover it up real tight with tin foil.
you don't want any of the steam to escape...
that's the secret.
oh and cooking it at 350 for about 3 1/2 to 4 hrs.
then take them out and we like to let them
cool down for awhile.
then slap em on the grill and slather them
up real good with your favorite sauce.
we just buy jack daniels hickory somethin-or-other.

now if you are big d you also have to 
have a cup of winger's ranch to go 
along with em but i just like a little bit
of extra sauce.
they are divine!
i'm salivating just thinking
about them!!

well miss serena thank
you for yet more inspiration.
and thank you for letting us
join in the fun even if we can't
be there in person!
merry christmas!!

November 3, 2010


so remember a while ago i showed you this beauty?

yeah, it was in need of some remodeling.
i mean the barbecuer and washer were nice and all but...

so after a few days of hard labor in the hot august sun,
fighting hordes of wasps,
taking it apart and turning it inside out,
going to get a friends rock he was taking off of his house and 
rescuing some shingles full of yucky spiders from grandpa's house,
it looks like this...

who knew such a small little house could take sooo much work?

well now it's time to do the inside.
we are hoping to have it all done and bundled up against the elements
before christmas so we can give it to the girls for their gift from us.

here's the deal...
i want to give it a name.
every cottage needs a name.
i need help to think of something good.
i want to get a little sign made for the outside to welcome visitors.
will you help me?
there are two little princesses who will be residing here.
it will be a little kitchen set up with chairs and a table.
the name of the big farm is fallow field farm...
and it's because we have fallow deer.
so if you can think of anything clever and are willing to share
i would really appreciate the input.
there may be something in it for you.


November 1, 2010


hey everyone!
i got back last week from deer hunting and haven't stopped since it seems like.
crazy weekend!!
i'll be posting soon and sharing the adventure with you...

right now, while i'm thinking about it, i wanted to try and sell my clock to you.;D
it's a really cute clock but i'm wanting to take things in a different direction in my
living room so the clock has to go.
that is the unfortunate thing in small houses...
no wall space.

so here's a picture...

it's really nicely made...hand painted.
i love that message, it was specially painted there for me.
it's a dark barny red and has worked well for me.
right now it needs a battery but i would replace that for you.
it measures about 23".
i paid $50 for it but i will sell it to you for $20.
i just can't take it to d.i. or somewhere, it's too cute.

so if you think you want it then let me know.
also it would be great if you could pick it up quickly.
that's the other hard thing about a small room to store things!

have a great day!

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