November 10, 2010

21 days...

so without going into any details because ya'll don't really want to hear em.
believe me.
i don't even want to hear them.
i have been in the depths for a week or so.
deep, dark, nasty depths.

i've been looking forward for a while now to the 21 day challenge over here...
i don't know if you have heard of rhonna but i saw her on tv one day and she sparkles
so much i had to go and take a look at her blog.
well, i was hooked.
so she does this challenge thing...
it looks like a good idea.
i got excited.
then the deep darks hit and all excitement left my body for anything.

this morning i have a few hours to myself and decided to go and watch the web show
that launched 21.
if you have time it's well worth watching.
she picks me up.
anyhow, she spoke right to my heart.
reached right into the deep dark and lit a little light.
*sparked* me if you will.
i'll be joining the 21 challenge first thing in the morning after i get all my ducks in a row.
and after watching the web show i know exactly what it will be about.
my challenge.
it's my challenge but i have a good idea about how to make it more positive.

so, why am i telling you this?
maybe you should join me.
it's not too late.

here's to a better day!


Mindy said...

I want to hear the details. I hope you're okay. The 21 challenge sounds great!

Sue said...

All the best to you in your challenge!

(I'm looking forward to my chalkboard arriving:))

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