November 20, 2010

brave girls club...

i found something new today.
it's called the brave girls club.
if you are a girl you 
should go and check it out.
i think those girls are 
on to something good over there.
i think i want to go to one of their
 sold out a year in advance camps.
i'll put it on my someday list.
they talk about living a life full of joy.
for those of you who know me best 
you know why i would
 love to go to that camp.
i think i will settle for the
 online e-course for now.

whilst i was over there reading
 about those lovely girls, i found a quote.
a perfect quote for the
 *end of the hall inspirational chalkboard. * 
wow that was a mouthful.
which, by the way, is working.  
maya just asked me why i was erasing the 
i am good, i am smart,
 and i don't know what the rest of it 
said stuff that was on there.
she is getting bits and pieces.
that, to me, is a win.

so back to the quote at hand.
faith is something that
 doesn't quite come easily to me.
i'm a questioner, an analyzer,
 things have to make sense to me.
so anyway...i like this.
it hit home this morning.
just like a good quote should.

no, my 7 yr old did not write this.
i did, chalk challenged remember?

here's to a day full of  
hope and faith,
hey wasn't there a sit-com named that?
not that kind of hope and faith if there was.

1 comment:

bri said...

love quotes. love the chalkboard and reminder. so great.

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