November 18, 2010

christmas decor...

is it weird that i've wanted to decorate for christmas since halloween?
i have, and i think it's weird.

i have been looking at old magazines and the new farm chicks book trying to get inspiration.
i want to do something different.
i need to go through and get rid of decorations from years past.
i'm about as excited to do that as pluck out my armpit hair with tweezers.
that's hard to think about doing because so many of them have memories.
i went online and googled decorating front porches today.
there are not alot of inspiring front porches online.
i'm trying to get it done before the big storm hits us this weekend.
dave did get the lights on the house yesterday.

why am i telling you this?
i dunno really.
wasting time so that i can postpone going through christmas decorations.
urghh.  it's gotta get done.

i do really want a wreath from this place though...
isn't it pretty?
i'll bet it smells divine.

wish me luck,
i'll post some pictures when the inspiration comes through for the porch.

*smiles at ya*


Kristina P. said...

Adam will kill me if I even look at a Christmas decoration until after Thanksgiving.

bri said...

we decorate for christmas nov.1. there is a story behind it. maybe that could be the topic of our conversation over our first lunch. it's a good one. :)

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