November 1, 2010


hey everyone!
i got back last week from deer hunting and haven't stopped since it seems like.
crazy weekend!!
i'll be posting soon and sharing the adventure with you...

right now, while i'm thinking about it, i wanted to try and sell my clock to you.;D
it's a really cute clock but i'm wanting to take things in a different direction in my
living room so the clock has to go.
that is the unfortunate thing in small houses...
no wall space.

so here's a picture...

it's really nicely made...hand painted.
i love that message, it was specially painted there for me.
it's a dark barny red and has worked well for me.
right now it needs a battery but i would replace that for you.
it measures about 23".
i paid $50 for it but i will sell it to you for $20.
i just can't take it to d.i. or somewhere, it's too cute.

so if you think you want it then let me know.
also it would be great if you could pick it up quickly.
that's the other hard thing about a small room to store things!

have a great day!


Kristina P. said...

Cute clock. Might be a good gift for one of my MIL's/ Let me think about it.

bri said...

ok this is too weird, so my whole house, well alot of it is in barn red and i am so over it...haven't chosen the new color yet-but am ready for a change!

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