November 5, 2010

the farm chicks throw a party!

so it's no secret that i love the farm chicks.
i do.
i think serena is *lovely*
and i knew her new christmas book would be too!

i finally bought it on amazon.
i needed a little more to get free shipping!
really i've just been waiting til i needed
something else and could sneak it in. *wink*
and because i just can't be in spokane this week  {sigh}
i will just have to join the party online.
can i just tell you that if i had money i would fly
to Spokane this weekend and join the party at 
because that celeste, well she is also *lovely*.
i got the privilege of meeting her at 
the show and she is just good people.
so imagine how excited i was when i found 
out that her home was in the book...
all decked out for christmas!
and guess what else?
teri edwards, the retired farm chick...
well her home was in there too.
she and i...well we have the same taste
and it was awesome to see all of her fabulous
antiques and vintage christmasy things.
{sigh again}

serena's little online soire
is a way for us to share what we loved 
about the book...
umm everything!
and to share a christmas tradition.
well imagine my delight, yes delight, that
we share a christmas tradition.
seems that the thompsons
also do an appetizer feast on
christmas eve.
who knew we were cool like that?

here are a few pictures of 
last year's yumminess.

it gives me a great excuse to bring out all
of the good dishes and
set a pretty table.  i love that!
and i love to cook lots of good 
things for my family.
it makes me feel all warm inside.
and i think they like it too.

i  thought i might share
with you my husband's fabulous rib recipe.

it's simple but it is tasty.
we buy a rack of baby backs...
baby back, baby back, baby back
sorry i had to do it
usually about 3 lbs.
he salts it with some garlic salt really good.
then we put it in a baking pan
and cover it up real tight with tin foil.
you don't want any of the steam to escape...
that's the secret.
oh and cooking it at 350 for about 3 1/2 to 4 hrs.
then take them out and we like to let them
cool down for awhile.
then slap em on the grill and slather them
up real good with your favorite sauce.
we just buy jack daniels hickory somethin-or-other.

now if you are big d you also have to 
have a cup of winger's ranch to go 
along with em but i just like a little bit
of extra sauce.
they are divine!
i'm salivating just thinking
about them!!

well miss serena thank
you for yet more inspiration.
and thank you for letting us
join in the fun even if we can't
be there in person!
merry christmas!!

1 comment:

Serena Thompson said...

Hello! Hello! God morning! So glad you're here. I would love a few bites of your feast! :)
It's a happy day! Love, Serena

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