November 3, 2010


so remember a while ago i showed you this beauty?

yeah, it was in need of some remodeling.
i mean the barbecuer and washer were nice and all but...

so after a few days of hard labor in the hot august sun,
fighting hordes of wasps,
taking it apart and turning it inside out,
going to get a friends rock he was taking off of his house and 
rescuing some shingles full of yucky spiders from grandpa's house,
it looks like this...

who knew such a small little house could take sooo much work?

well now it's time to do the inside.
we are hoping to have it all done and bundled up against the elements
before christmas so we can give it to the girls for their gift from us.

here's the deal...
i want to give it a name.
every cottage needs a name.
i need help to think of something good.
i want to get a little sign made for the outside to welcome visitors.
will you help me?
there are two little princesses who will be residing here.
it will be a little kitchen set up with chairs and a table.
the name of the big farm is fallow field farm...
and it's because we have fallow deer.
so if you can think of anything clever and are willing to share
i would really appreciate the input.
there may be something in it for you.


1 comment:

Sue said...

Can't think of anything clever yet, but I can't wait to see how you fix it up!

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