November 6, 2010


do you ever have those days where you just think a bunch of random things that you are grateful for?
i am having one of those days.
so i am going to share, you are so excited i know.
hang with me.

the other day big d and i were watching 'goblet of fire'...we're trying to watch them all before the new one comes out.  we are total harry potter geeks.  anyway at the end when cedric dies i always cry when his dad starts yelling, 'my boy, my boy', i'm all choked up now.  i'm such a boob.  so i look over and my big tough husband...he's crying too.  i love that  guy.  i love that he cries now that he's getting a little older.

is it weird that i think it's totally cute that when i'm sitting here sometimes the little one runs by yelling, 'me have to go to the bathroom...i gotta poop, poop, poop!'?  i have to wipe her when that happens and she likes to announce that it's happening beforehand.  it's really cute.  everything she does is really cute.

i love it that maya is getting really excited about reading.  we got in the truck today and she started reading a pattern book that i had in there.  she did pretty well to except for words like photocopier. *smile*  i hope that she continues to love to read and that she will read 'anne of green gables' because i could never get mady to read it.

i got pictures (i'll post them later) yesterday in the mail that my sweet friend mindy took for us.  i never realize how fat i am until i see myself in pictures.  i wonder why i always think i'm skinnier than i am.  i hate fat.  i hate having to worry about fat. and i dearly wish that i liked to work out and would just make myself stop drinking pepsi.  it just sucks.  the pictures of my family are awesome though!  can't wait to show them to you.

i love it that mady finally has made a good friend at school.  who knew it would be so difficult.  please god make her be a good friend that is loyal because mady's never had one.  she really needs to be able to believe in the good in people.

my husband is a good guy.  he totally cleaned the house thursday so that i could do whatever i wanted yesterday.  i love that he knows how to clean.  thanks shanna for that great gift.

my brother-in-law's dad died yesterday.  his wife died a while ago and he died on their 68th wedding anniversary.   isn't that just amazing?  can you imagine the reunion?  he has also been in a wheel chair for a long, long time without the use of his body.  i can't imagine the freedom that he felt when he was finally rid of that thing.  i know his family is sad and will miss him but i can't help but be happy that he is in such a better place with his sweet wife.

well that's it.  there's a bunch more going on in there but i'll just end there.

hope you are having a fantastic saturday!
i'm currently listening to two girls yell at each other and the little one throw things at the wall.


Kristina P. said...

I have to admit that I would have never seen any HP movie if it weren't for Adam.

Mindy said...

Oh, Marci. You are beautiful!! I totally know what you mean, though. I'll think I look great in an outfit, or something, and then I'll see a picture of myself in it, and all confidence is lost! ;) The camera can be cruel. You looked beautiful to me in your photos, though... I just love you and your family!

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