November 7, 2010

wall o' photos...

i've had a red cabinet at the end 
of my hall for about 11 yrs.
big d hated it because he just
 couldn't not run into it
 going into the girls room.
??? who knows.
when we redid the bathroom, 
much to his delight,
 the cabinet found a new home there.
so then my brain started thinking, 
hmmm what can i do with that wall.
because as i mentioned before
 wall space is in short supply
 and god forbid one should
go to waste, right?

first it was a chalkboard wall 
but the thought of chalkboard dust
 on the floor sent my poor
 ocd husband into a frenzy
 of nervous no-ness.
  i believe it was a 
are you crazy? kind of moment.
then it was a giant magnet board, 
then it settled down to a picture wall.
then the dilemma of picture frames.
  i had got some before at ikea
 that had no frame and
 that is what i wanted.
  well wouldn't you know that
 ikea no longer has those frames.
  damn the luck.
so i stumbled upon some 
super cheap walmart frames
 that just have a tiny 
little bit of black around the picture.
  i think i probably got
 all the ones on my 
wall for under $20.  bargain!!
  i stuck a chalkboard
 right in the middle
 so that i could put 
inspirational quotes that we
 have to look at everyday 
but i can also change
 whenever i get the it.
  i have got a few pictures in
 but i want to get fun ones
 of our family so
 i am beginning the looking
 through all of our pictures
 to find the 'perfect' ones.
  no posers except for
 the one of mady and maya 
because it's my favorite picture
 of them of all time. 
 so sweet.
  i also have a fantastic place
 for my pictures i got
  her things make me smile big.
so without any further rambling
 on  here are the first pictures...

did i mention before that i am chalk challenged?
i believe i did.
did i also mention that the buttermilk 
colored twin to this chalkboard is
available for sell here?
well it is. *smile*

have a glorious day full of delight!


Kristina P. said...

I LOVE photo groupings. That wall is going to be amazing.

Sue said...

OH, I was so sad to see that the chalkboard already sold:( Yours looks GREAT in the middle of all the photos...what a great idea!

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