December 8, 2010

thank you...

oh my goodness ladies.
thank you all for the encouragement,
words of wisdom, 
and love.

i have to admit something.
i knew that if i talked about it here
you all would rise up
 and do just what you did.
and i really needed you to do just that.

so thank you, thank you 
from the depths of my heart.
your words meant something great to me.
mostly that i have amazing women 
around me who care about me.
sometimes a girl just needs
especially a very insecure one!
you let me know that...
i am well on my way to wellness.
something snapped in me last week.
told me it was time.
i have quit drinking pepsi.
i've done pretty darn good.
only one in almost a week.
that's really good for me!
i've been taking vitamins and 
eating healthier.
saw a new psychologist today...
she's a keeper.
she encouraged me to do something
bold that i have been wanting to do 
for a long time.
i'll tell you what it is after i tell big d.
he better know fourth.
i already told mady, ginny and haley.;D
i am super excited!
i've also started a journal of sorts.
a place to put quotes,
a place to write down my
21 days worth of goals. 
a place to vent, give myself
atta girls and talk about 
what is hard but also
that i can still do it 
even if it is hard.
it's ok to mess up now and then
as long as i get right back 
up in the saddle.

i feel positive.
that's a really great feeling.
and you all helped tremendously!
every single one of you 
made me smile.
yay for you!!
you are all amazing.


all graphics are from here...
i love that girl.
talk about inspiration.

December 6, 2010

water 4 christmas...


i am so excited to be a part of this great shop...

all profits go to building clean safe 
wells in west africa.

so no matter what you buy you are buying clean
water for those who don't have it.

shop for for yourself...
just go shop!!

all orders this week are guaranteed to ship
by Christmas!

shop with intention today


December 3, 2010

kickin my trash...

so for the last, i dunno let's say 5 months, my bi-polar has been kickin my trash.
after months of not feeling good, having thoughts i don't want to have, hating my family, and
feeling like giving up,
i decided it was time to do something rash.
thanks to my awesome big sister who brought to my attention some info on some natural things
that might help me i have started on sort of a journey.
let's hope i can stick to it because i have no self control.
one of the things i have to work on.
anyways, back to my sister and her info.
i went to the health food store.
oh my overwhelming.
so then i came home and googled homeopaths in my area.
needed some help figuring out how to make all those naturals work together.
i went to the lady yesterday.
she made sense.
she told me my body is in the shape of someone much older than me.
no surprise there.
i came home with lots of herbs.
thank you hsa account!
so the beginning is today.

she told me i'm dehydrated.
yes i am.
what do you drink during the day?
just pepsi.
it's running through my veins actually. *wink*
now i'm drinking water.
80 ozs a day.
that's hard for me.
i think this is all going to be hard for me.
that's good.
that means i'm growing.
i've already drank 30 ozs today.
guess what else?
i made a green smoothie and drank a whole glass.
it's not bad actually.

so why am i telling you this?
because i am starting on a big ole journey.
i've got my bags packed and i'm really excited right now.
but pretty soon i'm going to have to climb mountains,
i know i will.
mental mountains.
i'm gonna need help.
so if you wouldn't mind sending good ju-ju my way i would appreciate it.
also prayers are good.
i know i can do it.
i have to do it.
i have to do it for me.
i also have to do it for the 3 girls who call me mom.
and the man who loves me.
and for my family who also loves me.
but mainly for me.
if i am alright then everything else and everybody else around me will be alright.

so thank you for supporting me.
i know you will.
because if you are reading this then you must like me a little.
or a lot.
*big smile*

thanks again to a big sister who loves me.

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