December 8, 2010

thank you...

oh my goodness ladies.
thank you all for the encouragement,
words of wisdom, 
and love.

i have to admit something.
i knew that if i talked about it here
you all would rise up
 and do just what you did.
and i really needed you to do just that.

so thank you, thank you 
from the depths of my heart.
your words meant something great to me.
mostly that i have amazing women 
around me who care about me.
sometimes a girl just needs
especially a very insecure one!
you let me know that...
i am well on my way to wellness.
something snapped in me last week.
told me it was time.
i have quit drinking pepsi.
i've done pretty darn good.
only one in almost a week.
that's really good for me!
i've been taking vitamins and 
eating healthier.
saw a new psychologist today...
she's a keeper.
she encouraged me to do something
bold that i have been wanting to do 
for a long time.
i'll tell you what it is after i tell big d.
he better know fourth.
i already told mady, ginny and haley.;D
i am super excited!
i've also started a journal of sorts.
a place to put quotes,
a place to write down my
21 days worth of goals. 
a place to vent, give myself
atta girls and talk about 
what is hard but also
that i can still do it 
even if it is hard.
it's ok to mess up now and then
as long as i get right back 
up in the saddle.

i feel positive.
that's a really great feeling.
and you all helped tremendously!
every single one of you 
made me smile.
yay for you!!
you are all amazing.


all graphics are from here...
i love that girl.
talk about inspiration.


Mindy said...

I can't wait to hear about your bold move!!

Sue said...

I'm so happy for you! :)

bri said...

what did i miss. i have been away too long. sigh. i guess i will read on to find out.

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