February 28, 2010


 All through the 
long winter, 
I dream of my garden.
 On the first day of spring,
 I dig my fingers deep
 into the soft earth.
 I can feel its energy,
 and my spirits soar. 
       ~Helen Hayes~             

I actually got to work in my yard
the last couple of days.  It was 
the perfect weather to rake away
the dead and make way for the new
green that is making it's way 
out of the earth.
When I first get to go out and
work in my garden in the spring
it always makes me feel more 
alive than I have in months.
The hellebore are getting ready to
send up their flowers and the 
bulbs have started sending up new
shoots.  The trees are starting to
grow their buds and the lilac
buds are all fat and swollen.
My roses bushes are getting that 
first little flush of red where
the new stems are going to
grow.  I love it!
We also have robins all over
the place and they are so
fun to watch bounce around the 
yard.  My girls have been able 
to go outside and run and scream
and play.  They are like little
bundles of energy!

I've also been trying to bring a little
of it indoors so that we can feel
it inside even when the cold March
winds hit us.  I made that little wreath
up there out of lemon drops.
I saw a really cute one that
Matthew Mead had made for Country Home
a few years ago but he used  these
cute lemon balls.  I looked high and 
low and all I could find were drops,
so drops it was!  I spray painted a 
foam wreath yellow and hot 
glued those puppies all over.  
It turned out pretty dang cute
and it's all sorts of happy.
I needed some bright and happy!
So Happy Spring to you!
May you get to dig in the dirt soon...
I'll be doing it every chance I get.

February 27, 2010


we've been watching idol...
this boy. homina, homina, homina.
and he can sing.  

click on the link below to go 
watch  him sing heaven...

February 23, 2010


must. have. this. now.

i've been waiting for months for this to come out.
i hate waiting and i hate it even more when even 
after i wait i have to wait more.
not one of my strong points.

so i have to tell you...

i found the little girls biological sister on facebook...
i hate facebook usually but this is the good part of it, i guess.
i've been scoping her out for a few months.
i know, it's a little creepy.  that's why i hate facebook.
that and it's one more thing that i can't keep
up with!  

so anyways, i stalked her for a little while 
and i decided the other night that i was going 
to message her....and i did.
we have been messaging back and forth for
the last three days and she is an 
awesome, amazing girl.  well lady, she's 19.

it was so scary to do it because i 
feel like i've just breached some sort of 
invisible wall that maybe wasn't
meant to be breached but i have
to have faith that it was what i was supposed
to do and that's why i got the
feeling that the time was right.

she needed me to.
i found that out tonight in the message
she sent me.
i listened to the still small voice and
it said it was time and i'll
be danged if that wasn't the truth.

that is twice in the last month that
voice has given me some 
pretty sound advice and when 
i've listened people around me
have been blessed in some way
or another.  that's a pretty cool
thing if you ask me.

i just wanted to tell someone
so thanks for letting it be you!

February 16, 2010

new spring goods...

i've been creating some goodies the last couple of 
days for my new little spot over here...

some sweet little spring goodies to be exact!

go take a peek...ok?

February 13, 2010

l.o.l.a. and a hillbilly housetrailer...

well we have a new member of the farm family...
her name is l.o.l.a, lola.  that's how it is in my mind...you.know. the song.

my sister bought her and after a good year of shedding, shedding and more shedding she thought long and hard and decided maybe they weren't a good fit....so she put it out there to see if someone would be able to take her...
enter my brother who decided to try....his wife is allergic to dogs and the shedding once again became an issue.  (he also changed her name but we just kept calling her lola because that's what we're used to so lola it is.)
enter us.  i've always wanted a golden lab named sunny but alas, she is already named and i kinda like the name lola.  i did a little bit of selling the pros of adopting a dog in need of a good home and here she is.  at home on the farm.  fortunately we have lots of space and a nice kennel already and we don't care if she sheds because she's outside.

you want to see her?

she's so pretty and she's got such a sweet little disposition.  labs are bird dogs.  that means they like to hunt.  that's something important at our house.;D  she seems like she'll be a pretty good bird dog too.  she's just an all around good fit.  she's still trying to get used to the horse, deer and birds all over the place.  i can imagine it's pretty darn smellarific around here to her.

her and abby are still trying to figure out the whole who's the boss situation.  hopefully they'll get that figured out soon because the whole thing makes me nervous and then i panic and then the man gets mad at me because i'm acting like a pansy...anyways...hope it ends soon so i can quit worrying.  we're awfully happy she's here and the girls love her, she's all jumpy and spazzy and so are the girls so they get along great!

now on to the other bit up there in the title...
i get a phone call the other night.

big d: hey grab the camera and come outside.  you have to come take some pictures of our new hillbilly housetrailer.

first let me tell you this...a couple of weeks ago he announced to me that he was getting a box truck from the guy who does their towing for them at work.  a box truck that he intends to turn into a motorhome to pull the boat with down to lake powell so we can just camp in it without having to pull our actual camp trailer.  oh and did i mention he wants to paint it camo?  oh.yes. and any of you who know him know that he's dead serious.  i proceeded to let him know that i'll be damned if me or my girls would ever ride in the back of the thing.  men.  what the heck do they think.  anyway back to my story...

me: what in the sam hell did you bring home now?
him: just get out here and bring the camera, would ya?
me: sigh..ok.

so i did as i was told and went outside to find this and him just thinking he was sooo funny. 'see it even has a washer'...ha ha...you're so funny. 
he had been helping his little brother move and they didn't want this anymore and we were more than happy to take it off their hands.  as well as a washer and barbecuer apparently.
 i've secretly been coveting it for a couple of years  can't you just see the possibilities?  it's already a beautiful little cabin in the woods with white curtains and a cute little kitchen in my mind...the man has been brainstorming about it too and it'll be a fun little project!  yay!! 

his little boy mind just cracked itself up because he slapped an old barbecuer and washer on there...

btw...the box truck showed up thursday.  ugghhh.

February 10, 2010

meet amy...

i would like to introduce you all to amy,
 everyone this is amy...amy this is everyone.

amy is the amazingly talented
 lady who has given my 
blog a home makeover.
she does websets and ebay 
auction templates as well as blogs.
she also helps women who are not quite
as computer savvy when they are
in trouble, and is very kind about it.

that cute little kid with her is her son, roman.

so go and check her out and see all
the fun stuff that she has to offer. 
she really is a very talented lady.
you can find her here  and here.

thanks amy for the lovely blog
and for being so kind and willing
to work with me!

February 7, 2010

my lovely little space...

after more of this than should be consumed
i am finally done!

here are the amazing cabinets that the big guy made for me...

there are two sets and they are chuck full of all the crafting goodies you would need!

there isn't a whole lot of wall space that isn't taken up with things that inspire me.

i've been waiting for somewhere to put my postcards from star mill...
one of my most inspiring places to visit!
the owner is a sweet man who loves junk!!
and he'll entertain my kids while i look around.;D
incidentally if you google star mill, american fork utah
there are tons of awesome pictures taken there.

i love matthew mead, he's been a contributor in
 country home magazine and is now involved
 with a new magazine, flea market style, that will be 
out this month...i am so excited!!
he inspires me, he is so clever and he loves
all things pretty.

this is the one spot in the house that i could be as girly as i want
so i put as many sparkly and pretty things that i could!

the little fairy that overlooks my cutting table...
she was a special little surprise from this sweet lady.

and this lady, the gypsy rebel of etsy...well... she just makes me smile!

another little sweet angel from auntie em.

and of course there is lots of junk!
all the junk that gets brought home with us
has to work for its place so i made sure that
whatever came into the room was used wisely.

lunchbox full of ribbon

right down to the light fixtures!  
it's so nice to have an ex electrician
in the house..he can turn just about anything
into lighting!!

old green breadbox full of raffia

my lovely shopping cart from the farm chicks show
is the perfect place for bolts of fabric.

remember those red bouncy balls that you 
played with in elementary school?
this basket used to hold those.
now it holds quilt kits and quilts
that need binding...on my to do list!

yes that vintage suitcase is the perfect shade of pink...
the di gods were with me on this day!

nothing that wasn't pretty wasn't invited in to my little space...
and everything has it's place...such a beautiful thing.
one of the things that make my hubby most happy.:D

i love these boxes by sandi henderson 
 they are so pretty and bright!

this baker's twine is available here...

well there you go, a tour of the craft room.  my little husband has worked so 
hard to make it happen for me and i owe him big time!
also my children, my poor children, have sacrificed 
good dinners for more than a few days.  
but it's done and i love, love, love it!

thank you big d!!!

February 1, 2010

hey there...

i'm almost done with the dang craft room...it seems like i've been in there for DAYS!  maybe cuz i have.;D
i did get to go to the movies with my homegirls the other night.  that was a very welcome break.  i'll be finished up here none too soon and i'll show you pictures.

also we got a new adopted golden lab and she's so pretty...i'll show you pictures of her too.:D

have a fabulous day!
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