July 22, 2010

good deal...

HEY!  quick heads up...if you are in need of some good craft tables the surplus at alpine school district has some for free!!  others are $1.  they are out of orem high and they have different sizes available.  let me know if you need to know where that is and i'll give you directions.

happy day!

July 16, 2010

sweet preservation...

i don't know if you follow the farm chicks blog religiously like i do...
if you don't and you missed serena's entry today i wanted to share it
with all of you.  the site she is promoting is awesome for all of 
you home canners out there...you need to go and check it out!
i'm sooo excited to use those adorable labels!!

hope you enjoy it!

July 1, 2010

new stuff...

for the marketplace this year
i've decided to try some new things.
it's time to broaden my horizons
beyond stitcheries.
it involves coffee filters.
stained, dyed and ready to create with.
what you can't see are  the hundreds that are 
lining the countertops.
i had them drying all over the grass...
we started having some serious wind 
and this little one...

ran around like a crazy woman for 
about an hour picking
them up as they started to blow away.
she was amazing and took her job
very  seriously.

i can't wait to show you  all of my 
new creations!!

happy thursday!

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