September 24, 2010

boot depression...

sad but true story....
i tried on very cute riding boots at target today.
they don't fit over my calves.

luckily they had very cute little riding boots on sale
buy one get one half off for the girlies. (only on-line)
they are both going to be receiving some in the mail
in 5-10 business days.
thank goodness for little skinny girls that i can buy cute boots for.;D

September 20, 2010

window food...

my daughter just asked me if we could go out and get food.
we do that wayyy too often.
i said no.
she said can't we just go get it out of the window?
i said, huh?
she said yeah you pull up to the window and they give you food.
um i think we need to quit getting so much window food.

i'll be posting pictures soon of the show.  
right now i am recouping and still trying to get things put away.
thank you to everyone who helped, came and supported and brought
their fabulous things to sell!!!

September 14, 2010

fallow field farm marketplace...

fallow field farm marketplace is drawing near.
it's september 18th so gather your gear.
there's so much to see and great things to buy.
the drive to lindon is sure to fly by.
eagle mtn., payson or even salt lake 
isn't that far, just think of the great friends you'll make.
so we'll see you on saturday between 9 and 6.
bring your cash or checks and get your fallow field farm fix.


September 12, 2010

country when country isn't cool...

rumor has it that the first song i learned to sing was
'I'm A Rhinestone Cowboy' by Glen Campbell.
my roots are in country.
of course during my youth i spent a period of time in elementary school
going with the 'preppy' thing.
izods, penny loafers and calvin kleins.
my friends and i had  sweatshirts specially made that said
i love michael jackson on them.
i think i may have worn one white glove to school.  don't be a hater.
then in jr. high i dabbled in new wave.
baggy clothes, big bows (it was the 80's),  jesus sandals.
listening to oingo boingo, madonna, duran duran...oh the list goes on and on.
the 80's were and always will be the best time in music.
i also had a pair of justin ropers in the closet and my
brother taught me how to run barrels
and rope a goat.  i had my own piggin string.  true story.
high school.  oh high school.
they were my granola days.
i ironed my hair...this was before flat irons. i know i'm old.
that's all i'm sayin about those granola days.
there were concerts and long haired boys...nuff said.
and now where am i?
right back to my roots.
i live in the country and shoot turkeys.;D lol

i know right now you are scratchin your head and saying why is she telling us all this?
this is what i'm getting to...i just took the long way around.
we do that in the country.
oh i digress again....

last spring i was talking to my friend vanessa.
she is a blogging genius who has created quite a little niche for herself.
of course in the spring my mind always turns to picking up business and keeping
on top of my hasn't been updated in a looonnngg time.
anyways...i was asking v advice on building readership.
she told me one of the good ways to entice people over here was to find other
blogs that are my style and make clever comments.
i'd read that same advice before.
here's the problem.
i didn't know what my style was.
i love sooo many blogs that are white, with a touch of grey.
i love the colorful houses that are a little more modern.
i even like a home that has been decorated with industrial modernism sometimes.
but what is my style?
well i love antiques, we all know that.
i also love the cottage look.
but deep down inside i am a country girl.
and i'm not sure it's cool anymore but it's what i am.
i am what i am.
if you come to my house and see the deer head on the wall...that is not me.
that's all him.  but a girl has to give in every once in a while.  he does pay the mortgage.;D

well we've been redoing our bathroom...a long, long process.
and guess what?  it's country to the core.
old galvanized metal roofing off of the cabin for a tub surround.
planks on the ceiling and a galvanized bucket for a sink.
we aren't quite done but when we are i'll show you some pictures.
so i guess what i'm sayin is this...
i am country when country isn't cool.
now-a-days i think they call it farmhouse chic.

don't forget the show of the century is this saturday!
i know you don't want to miss it!!

September 9, 2010

the marketplace...

it's getting closer....

hope to see you there!

p.s.  feel free to grab that and put it on your blog, facebook or just go ahead and email it to all of your friends!!;D

September 7, 2010


i hate it when i go away from home.
all the blogs that i love...they keep on bloggin away and now i'll never catch up.
miss v has 17 posts...17. i'll never catch up.
and that is only one of the 475 blogs that i follow.
i'm exaggerating.
plus we are redoing our bathroom which is taking all of my time.
which i don't have because i'm getting ready for the show.
and if i sit down to the computer i get the stink eye from the man.
because it was my crazy idea to redo the bathroom...
and to have a show at our house.

but guess what i did last week?
i went to mesquite for 5 whole days.
thank you to those who made that possible.
alone with the man.
for 5 whole days.
i slept in.
i showered and actually got ready for the day.
we saw two really bad movies.
and i spent time with my husband without any whining.
that is so important to us.
alone time so that we can remember that we are also a husband and a wife.
sometimes it seems like all we are are roommates trying to raise children together.
do you ever feel like that?
please tell me you do so i don't feel like i have a crappy marriage or something.

i sat up and watched hoarders at my computer last night.
in my really uncomfortable computer chair.
i love that show and i don't know why.
those people just fascinate me and i love to see it after it's clean.
it's like when oprah has make overs.
i love to see those too.

did you see the movie precious?
it's really really sad and depressing.
but good.
not for the faint of heart or the people who are wayyy better than me and don't watch rated r movies.
i'm really bad about that.
that little gal was on ellen today.
she is really just a delightfully happy girl...i can't believe how good she was in that movie.
that is acting.
and monique...well she just rocked.

i read a book called the help over the last few days.
actually late at night when i should have been sleeping.
i am exhausted right now.  thus the rambling.
back to the book.
good, good, good.
thanks denise!

so there...i just emptied my brain.
i know there really isn't much in there. ha!
now i will attempt to go to sleep.
not easy a week before the show.
do you think about everything that needs to be done the minute your head hits the pillow?
no matter how tired i am that happens every damn night just about.

here's hoping for a good nights sleep!
thanks for letting me ramble on a bit...

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