January 7, 2011

14 preschoolers...

that's how many i got to help take to the fire station yesterday.
it was fun.
no, really, it was.
they are really funny and super cute.

did i go just for fun you ask...
nope i went because of this little fruit loop.

someday i think this photo will be used to scare off 
potential suitors that i don't think
are good enough for my baby girl...she looks a little crazy.
i love it!

we had a police officer come and talk to them.
turns out we have a very handsome one that we know.
they all got sticker badges and got to see all the gear.
then we took off and went to see the fire trucks.

and they got to try on the fire gear.
is she cute or what?

and the moms...
well we got to look at the hot firemen.
turns out that is not a myth.
firemen are very handsome.
i came home and told the big guy 
he went into the wrong field.
he is definately hot enough to be a fireman.
then my niece's husband said that it was
creepy that his wife and her 40 yr old aunt
were ogling the firemen.
he called me 40!
i called me straight away and let him
know that was not kosher.
at all.
i am not 40.
i'm only 38.

sorry...got a little sidetracked there.
but it made me very grateful that i am
not that lady on tv who has like 19 kids.
and it made me very grateful that i don't
teach 14 preschoolers.
my sister, who is their teacher, is a gem.
thank you miss ginny!
and thanks for allowing me to
 ogle hot firefighters for a minute.
go on the field trip!



Griffin and Gretchen said...

o that was nice of you and haley to help my mom. i wish i hadn't had work so that I could have ogled...i mean...helped ;) those 14 are crazy!

Kristina P. said...

Adam started fire school on Wednesday. My house has been inundated with fire gear and it smells like a stinky BBQ!

Anonymous said...

1. While I do have a lot of kids, and an elementary education degree, there is NO WAY I would ever teach pre-school. Those that do are definitely saints.
2. I miss 38.
3. I'm turning the big 4-0 at the end of this year. Wah.
4.cute pictures.

the WINTERS family! said...

Where's the pictures of the firemen? Hey can I get a copy of the picture with all the kids in it? I'm excited to see your room, is it done yet? Thanks again to you for helping me out! Love ya

bri said...

your daughter is edible, but i am sure you knew that already. such a cutie! you are a cool mom. field trips and all. with 14 preschoolers. :)

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