January 2, 2011


do you know what i love about being 38?
at 38 you realize that every day is a new day.
every year is a new year.
(i know you are saying duh marci of course it is.)
but do you really know it?
i really do.
i have learned that december is not the right month to start trying to live differently.
so, i will take advantage of a new day as a chance to start over.
i won't beat myself up.
i won't say that i've failed.
because as long as you keep on trying you never really fail.
hello new day and hello new year!
here's hoping it is our best yet!!

*wink and a smile*


Kristina P. said...

Happy birthday, Marci!

Rachel Holloway said...

:) You always, always make me smile. I hope you know this...

bri said...

you are very wise.

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