January 30, 2011

look how cool my kid is...

her and her stunting partner, matt, like to 
show their stuff in weird places.
it's kinda cool.
she's got some pretty unique pictures doing it.
she's pretty fearless,
not like her mama.

happy sunday!

that beautiful building up there is the 
lds temple in salt lake city.
it is decorated with millions of twinkle
lights in december and is
something worth seeing!
especially from the top of the 
joseph smith memorial bldg
while you eat yummy food!!


Rachel Holloway said...

Perhaps you're not fearless like her, but you're DEFINITELY cool like her!

Griffin and Gretchen said...

O man she's cool

bri said...

i love the pic in front of the twinkling tree. what does she do? seriously cool pics! i got one of those fearless ones. she is only 8 now...i am holding my breath...

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