January 5, 2011

yummy yum yum...

there is something up with picnik tonight and it
wants nothing to do with flippin this picture around.
pretend it's the right way, ok?

so part of the big transformation....
every time i say that i hear a deep booming 
voice saying it like at the motocross races or something.
is getting healthy.
so instead of drinking 64 oz. of pepsi everyday, i am drinking water.
instead of eating fresh fruits and veggies once or twice a week i have
started drinking green smoothies.
looks yummo doesn't it?
actually it looks like something i don't want to talk about because i am
currently looking at that glass up there sitting in front of me half way gone...
got a little more to go.
so use your imagination.
there are a few really sick things it looks like.
here's the kicker...
it's actually pretty good.
depends on what you put in there.
i've been experimenting...sometimes it's good, sometimes it just is not.
that one up there...pretty good.
i've learned today though that fresh pineapple is not good in it unless you
drink it all at once.
i make one and then put it in my handy dandy pampered chef pitcher that 
will remix it.  then i can drink it throughout the day.
not a good idea if you are using too many citrusy things, especially oj.
talk about some nasty heartburn.  ick.
so i thought i would give you a few pointers just in case you'd like to try one.

i always start out with half a smoothie maker of raw spinach.
then i add either half a can of coconut milk or some yogurt.
those will make it creamy.
you can use bananas and they will do the same thing but i hate bananas.
then i add a handful of frozen pineapple or mango or peach or all the above.
you can add a handful of frozen strawberries or raspberries.
i always add a handful of frozen blueberries cuz you really can't taste them 
but i know they are super good for you.
i added frozen cranberries one time...not a good idea. 
 that was a bad smoothie day.
maya wouldn't even drink it.
that's sayin something. 
yup she likes the green smoothies.
sometimes. she tries a little and then lets me know if it's a good smoothie day or not.
i also like to go to the hispanic aisle at the market and get guava nectar.
or they have pineapple or mango or whatever.
you can add a half a can of that if you want.  it makes it sweeter.
i also add honey sometimes.  that helps with the sweetness.
so then you add enough water to cover the spinach up.
i add ice cubes too because i like it slushier than the frozen fruit makes it.
then you just blender the hell out of it.
it takes a while on high to get all the spinach juiced up.

so there you go.
green smoothies according to me.
try one, i double dog dare you.
i'll bet you might like it.
or maybe you'll have a bad smoothie day and you won't.
that's the fun of it.
just mix a bunch of stuff and see what happens.
it's like being a kid.



Griffin and Gretchen said...

o yum a spinach smoothie haha but I will probably try one i'm not gonna lie

Rachel Holloway said...

hehe, so cranberries are a no go?! :) lol.

Love me some smoothies! I make up several big batches and put them in plastic cups in the freezer at the beginning of the week, so we have them available any time we want! I love that they are the perfect way to disguise some of those icky fruits (at least to me) and get me to eat them... :)

You're too funny--here's to good health!

the WINTERS family! said...

I like the green smoothies too, but you are more extravagant than me. Yours are exotic.

bri said...

i gave up the good dr.(pepper) in may. to this very day all i have to do is think about the dark bubbles and my mouth waters. it is sad really. i never drank the stuff until i left home. i have converted to water. i don't drink diet. but i just don't know if i could do the green drink.

i will have to give it a try! :)

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