February 28, 2011

luscious bedding inspiration...

wouldn't you love to sink down in one of these beds?

ooo they make me want to sink down in
 and maybe take a long winters nap
until spring is finally here!

you should go over here for a bit and
look at all the yummy eye candy.


February 26, 2011

today i wish...

i was just a short drive out of portland at this little spot...

meeting these boys from the barn and looking through all of this...

oh my, look at all that jadite!  *yum*

that is some beautiful salsa.  

that looks like it's worth a plane ride for.
*wink and a smile*

i am in need of a good junkin fix. 
i am finally able to tote myself around
and found myself husband and kidless for a little
bit yesterday so i went to my fave place to find
treasures and wouldn't you know it?
he doesn't open til march. urghh.
isn't that just like 5 days away? 
i hope so.
i need some good quirky stuff to look at.now.!

happy saturday!

all of these photos are from the barnhouse boys. you should go and check them out. they are m.azing.

February 20, 2011

old ladder love...

my little bedroom is comin right along.
it's been so much fun to gather all my goods
that i've been saving for my bedroom
and junk it up right!

this ladder has been hanging 
on the fence outside the garden 
seating area just waiting for 
its chance to shine...

the wait is over.
it's now tucked up nicely in 
a corner of my boudoir.
nice and old and lovely.

a little mixture of rustic and linen.

i decided that i'd like a little romance.
good grungy metal romance.
i love to make our bedroom
somewhere that we can chillax
and feel comfy and loved.
these beauties came from
she has rockin cool letters.

i love the mixture of soft and weathered.
i was so happy to be able to use it somewhere
it could be in the spotlight...
isn't it beautiful?

and, of course, i had to add a chalkboard.
somewhere to write love notes
and hints!
did i tell you that the man is planning
a romantic get-away in april
for our anniversary and its a surprise?
true story!
i am soooo excited!!
you can find fun funky chalkboards
right over here...

i have other great stuff i'm working
on for the bedroom...
i'll share it as i go.
it has been fun, fun, fun
to see it all come together.

thanks for giving me a place to share!

February 17, 2011

yummy sauteed mushrooms...

when i was younger i worked at a great little 
place up provo canyon called 'the claimjumper'.  
there is also one in park city and in heber.  
it was a fun job and they had yummy food.
i was a busboy.
i had to prepare salad and fold napkins
and then run my booty off all night cleaning off tables.
that was back when my booty was wayyy smaller.;D
we used to eat bowls of croutons with salad dressing
while we folded napkins.
every once in a while we would also
sneak mushrooms.
yummy sauteed mushrooms.
mmm mmm good.
i think i have now perfected my own 
mushrooms and they could compete 
in yumminess.
i always make them when we barbecue steaks
and they would be soo good on a burger
with some swiss cheese.
they are also super duper easy
so i thought i would share.

1 pkg mushrooms, i just use button, sliced about 1/4"
1 -1/2 cubes butter, real butter-none of that fake stuff
2-3 cloves garlic, minced
salt and pepper to taste
a couple of dashes of worcestershire

melt the butter, throw in all the rest
and let it cook...i like to use my cast iron skillet.
if you want them a little more browned then use less butter
and you'll have to stir them more often.
it takes them about 15-20 minutes to get good and
cooked.  you can judge that for yourself.

now here is where me and the man disagree...
i like to add a good dose of freshly grated parmesan on top.
he doesn't like that.
so usually he wins out there but they
are wayyy more yummy with cheese.
what isn't?
so, there you go, simple goodness in a fungi. ha ha
make some, you'll love em!
even my 4 yr old who only eats oatmeal,
pancakes and pizza likes them.
she'll eat seconds.
no lie.

happy friday!!

bada boom, bada bing!

ooo it was so creepy last night!  
the girls and i were just watching tv and BOOM a flash of green light!
lights flickered on and off...
maya comes screaming over to the couch from the table...
another BOOM and a BANG and another flash of green light!
lights flickered on and off and then nothing.
the girls started crying and of course wanted dad...
who wasn't here.
to be honest, i wanted him a little too.
it was creepy!
thankfully it was bedtime so i got them each a candle,
tucked them into bed, 
assured them it was all ok.
then i crawled into bed, 
got freaked out by every noise,
and read old country living magazines by candle light
til i couldn't hold my eyes open another second.
i hate it when the lights go out!
did i mention the wind was also howling??

hope you are somewhere nice and toasty warm!

February 12, 2011

rambling on...

this picture has nothing to do with this post.
i'm getting excited for spring and flowers.
isn't a lilac the yummiest flower ever?

this post is probably going to be a rambler...beware.

once upon a time i had a uterus.
now i do not.
a little bit of this and that and voila...no more uterus.
that is the beginning to this ramble.

that particular part of my body and me have been at odds since i was in the 8th grade.
i'll let you figure that out.
it's been a source of a lot of pain.
it needed to come out.
here's the funny thing about it.
it made me a little sad.

here's an interesting thought for you.
a woman who knows for a fact that she cannot conceive never gives up hope.
at least i never did.
i haven't had fallopian tubes for about 8 or 9 years.
i always got a little tremble of hope when i was late.
even after those were gone.
maybe by some small miracle it could happen.
now i really have to give up that silly hope.
it really will never happen again.
that makes me a little sad.

it also was the place where my girl grew.
it's so weird to think that her little place inside of me is gone.
gone, gone, gone.
i know that is a little weird but it's true.
maybe i'm a little weird...HA!

so there is my ramble about my uterus.
hopefully it wasn't too much about something that shouldn't be talked about.
i hope not.

another weird thing.
i was going through files yesterday and came upon a little envelope of pictures
that i have with maya and her biological mom.
it's so crazy to think that my girl grew in someone else.
that there is another mom out there who can claim her as her own.
i get jealous.
i don't like to think about that part of adoption.
i'd rather just think that she magically appeared out of air.
she is magical.
it was a miracle.
i just have to share the miracle with another woman.
it jangles me up a little when i have to confront it head on.
i'm soooo glad that we have those pictures though.
she wouldn't do it with the little one and i feel sad for her that
she won't get to have that.
i know how important it is.

so there are my thoughts...my ramblings.
hug your little ones tight.
feel so lucky if you get to grow babies.
even if it's a rough time.
or it's not the right time.
think of if you couldn't do it.
if your body didn't allow that miracle.

here is the bright side....
you may feel a little jealous of me.
i never have to have a period again!!!
yay me!!:D

happy weekend!
i'm going out to start a fire and roast hot dogs in the back yard.
hurray for a somewhat sunny, above freezing day!

here's a big fat thanks so much to everyone who has called, texted, taken care of my girls, brought food, and cared and loved me.  you are all the reason i love life.

February 1, 2011

slaughterhouse 5...

i like to read classic novels.
it's interesting to me to try and figure out what makes a book a classic.
some of them, i get it...others i think,
who in their right mind decided this should be a classic?
i've heard of slaughterhouse 5 and kurt vonnegut several times so when
mady came home last weekend and was struggling with reading it i told her
i would give it a try and see what i could come up with.
it's been banned from some schools and she has to write some examples
as to why it should be or shouldn't be banned.
thank goodness it was short.
it was fragmented and weird...
people have given it 5 stars on amazon...why?
did i miss the big picture?
i think of myself as a smart person, at least when it comes
to literature.  i can usually pick up on the deeper meaning of things.
not this one.
war is bad.
that was the message.
don't we all know that war is bad?
don't we all know that thousands of innocent people are killed during wars?
don't we all know that war messes up the minds of those who fight?
i don't understand why this guy writing this was so monumental.
maybe it was the time that he wrote it?
what am i missing?

so, why am i rambling about this you ask?
well i would love to have some insight.
if you know the answers to those questions will you share?
if you don't then that's fine too.
i just had to get that whole classic novel thing out.
it was buggin me!

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