February 17, 2011

bada boom, bada bing!

ooo it was so creepy last night!  
the girls and i were just watching tv and BOOM a flash of green light!
lights flickered on and off...
maya comes screaming over to the couch from the table...
another BOOM and a BANG and another flash of green light!
lights flickered on and off and then nothing.
the girls started crying and of course wanted dad...
who wasn't here.
to be honest, i wanted him a little too.
it was creepy!
thankfully it was bedtime so i got them each a candle,
tucked them into bed, 
assured them it was all ok.
then i crawled into bed, 
got freaked out by every noise,
and read old country living magazines by candle light
til i couldn't hold my eyes open another second.
i hate it when the lights go out!
did i mention the wind was also howling??

hope you are somewhere nice and toasty warm!


Griffin and Gretchen said...

o man i love when the lights go out. is that weird? but that does sound scary. a green flash of light?! weird

bri said...

i'm such a wus. i would hate it if the lights went out and my man wasn't home. our lights went out for a few but came back up pretty quick. thank goodness, because brady was gone too! HA!

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