February 20, 2011

old ladder love...

my little bedroom is comin right along.
it's been so much fun to gather all my goods
that i've been saving for my bedroom
and junk it up right!

this ladder has been hanging 
on the fence outside the garden 
seating area just waiting for 
its chance to shine...

the wait is over.
it's now tucked up nicely in 
a corner of my boudoir.
nice and old and lovely.

a little mixture of rustic and linen.

i decided that i'd like a little romance.
good grungy metal romance.
i love to make our bedroom
somewhere that we can chillax
and feel comfy and loved.
these beauties came from
she has rockin cool letters.

i love the mixture of soft and weathered.
i was so happy to be able to use it somewhere
it could be in the spotlight...
isn't it beautiful?

and, of course, i had to add a chalkboard.
somewhere to write love notes
and hints!
did i tell you that the man is planning
a romantic get-away in april
for our anniversary and its a surprise?
true story!
i am soooo excited!!
you can find fun funky chalkboards
right over here...

i have other great stuff i'm working
on for the bedroom...
i'll share it as i go.
it has been fun, fun, fun
to see it all come together.

thanks for giving me a place to share!


Rachel Holloway said...

You have SUCH a talent for decorating and making a house a HOME. I am seriously in LOOOOVE with all you do there--sigh---it's stunning!

bri said...

ditto to what rachel said. you have a gift. i can't wait to see more pics! :)

VintageEmbellishment said...

Wow, looks fabulous...I love the way you used the letters...never thought of hanging them from a ladder....looks great!

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