February 1, 2011

slaughterhouse 5...

i like to read classic novels.
it's interesting to me to try and figure out what makes a book a classic.
some of them, i get it...others i think,
who in their right mind decided this should be a classic?
i've heard of slaughterhouse 5 and kurt vonnegut several times so when
mady came home last weekend and was struggling with reading it i told her
i would give it a try and see what i could come up with.
it's been banned from some schools and she has to write some examples
as to why it should be or shouldn't be banned.
thank goodness it was short.
it was fragmented and weird...
people have given it 5 stars on amazon...why?
did i miss the big picture?
i think of myself as a smart person, at least when it comes
to literature.  i can usually pick up on the deeper meaning of things.
not this one.
war is bad.
that was the message.
don't we all know that war is bad?
don't we all know that thousands of innocent people are killed during wars?
don't we all know that war messes up the minds of those who fight?
i don't understand why this guy writing this was so monumental.
maybe it was the time that he wrote it?
what am i missing?

so, why am i rambling about this you ask?
well i would love to have some insight.
if you know the answers to those questions will you share?
if you don't then that's fine too.
i just had to get that whole classic novel thing out.
it was buggin me!


Mindy said...

I haven't read that one, so I can't help you... but I do know what you mean. I've read books that people love before, or that are supposed to be classics, and I just can't see it. I'm no dummy either. ;)

Griffin and Gretchen said...

I haven't read that one but I feel like a lot of classics are like that. Lame.

Charma said...

I too have been trying to read a "classic" every so often....some are ok, others well...I just don't get it either.

"Catcher in the Rye" - Hated it.
"Rebecca" - What was the big deal?
Im starting "Wuthering Heights" so I'll see how that one goes.
I did like "Uncle Toms Cabin" and as weird as it sounds, I liked the "Iliad" and the "Odyssey" too.

My FAVORITE "classic" that I can read over and over again is "Peter Pan" the original version by J.M.Barrie.

bri said...

i miss reading. now that i work i don't have the time that i used to... sucks. wish i could chime in-

Anonymous said...

Something about that gross title tells me I could not possibly read it.....right now I am reading Jane Eyre again. So good.

Charma said...

Well....Wuthring Heights.....I did not like it at all!

Marci said...

c-i'm going to have to read peter pan. my fave classic is 'to kill a mockingbird' and i like uncle tom's cabin.

steph-i'll have to read jane eyre...the funny thing is that the title is just because there were five guys who were housed in an old slaughterhouse during WWII. i thought that too before i started reading it.

c-good to know!

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