February 26, 2011

today i wish...

i was just a short drive out of portland at this little spot...

meeting these boys from the barn and looking through all of this...

oh my, look at all that jadite!  *yum*

that is some beautiful salsa.  

that looks like it's worth a plane ride for.
*wink and a smile*

i am in need of a good junkin fix. 
i am finally able to tote myself around
and found myself husband and kidless for a little
bit yesterday so i went to my fave place to find
treasures and wouldn't you know it?
he doesn't open til march. urghh.
isn't that just like 5 days away? 
i hope so.
i need some good quirky stuff to look at.now.!

happy saturday!

all of these photos are from the barnhouse boys. you should go and check them out. they are m.azing.

1 comment:

Kristin said...

so next time i'll pick you up and we will go!! how fun would that be for a weekend trip!?!
hope things are well dear girl...


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