February 17, 2011

yummy sauteed mushrooms...

when i was younger i worked at a great little 
place up provo canyon called 'the claimjumper'.  
there is also one in park city and in heber.  
it was a fun job and they had yummy food.
i was a busboy.
i had to prepare salad and fold napkins
and then run my booty off all night cleaning off tables.
that was back when my booty was wayyy smaller.;D
we used to eat bowls of croutons with salad dressing
while we folded napkins.
every once in a while we would also
sneak mushrooms.
yummy sauteed mushrooms.
mmm mmm good.
i think i have now perfected my own 
mushrooms and they could compete 
in yumminess.
i always make them when we barbecue steaks
and they would be soo good on a burger
with some swiss cheese.
they are also super duper easy
so i thought i would share.

1 pkg mushrooms, i just use button, sliced about 1/4"
1 -1/2 cubes butter, real butter-none of that fake stuff
2-3 cloves garlic, minced
salt and pepper to taste
a couple of dashes of worcestershire

melt the butter, throw in all the rest
and let it cook...i like to use my cast iron skillet.
if you want them a little more browned then use less butter
and you'll have to stir them more often.
it takes them about 15-20 minutes to get good and
cooked.  you can judge that for yourself.

now here is where me and the man disagree...
i like to add a good dose of freshly grated parmesan on top.
he doesn't like that.
so usually he wins out there but they
are wayyy more yummy with cheese.
what isn't?
so, there you go, simple goodness in a fungi. ha ha
make some, you'll love em!
even my 4 yr old who only eats oatmeal,
pancakes and pizza likes them.
she'll eat seconds.
no lie.

happy friday!!


bri said...

Worchestshire! That's what we've been missing! I'm so gonna try that-yummy!

Griffin and Gretchen said...

o mushrooms you are delicious. my dad made chicken topped with mushrooms swiss cheese and bacon. add a little honey mustard and it's perfection!

Mel said...

I could go for some claim jumper about right now...delish.

However, I don't use worchestershire...i add a dash or two of soy. I'll have to give yours a try.

and some salad dressing from there...member you could buy it in the big green bottles.

oh the good days.

Mel said...

Makin' the fam some for our vday dinner. How romantical, but delish.

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