March 7, 2011


between me and 7 yr old while i do her hair...
her:  santa only has mrs. santa and the elves, no girl elves.
me:  i'll bet there are girl elves.
her: why?
me:  the boy elves have to have wives.
her:  no they aren't married.
me:  how do you know?
her:  because they don't have sex *smirk*.
me:  what is sex?
her:  when a girl and a boy make-out in bed. and the boy has his shirt off.
me:  hmm.  so why can't elves do that?
her:  because elves don't have beds.

i love 7 yr olds.
their logic just can't be beat.

happy monday!


Anonymous said...


Griffin and Gretchen said...

makes sense....haha she's hilarious

don and jacki said...

why can't we all be soooo innocent?

bri said...

that's awesome!

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