March 12, 2011

dear lizzie...

there is a little place in a 
neighboring town that makes me
oh so glad to be a girl.
it is full of girlish delights.
the name?

there are crowns
and flowers
and whites
amazing jewelry

french linens 
beautiful, girlie clothes
even the deer wears bling...

i wonder what the man would do
if i took a page from their book
and decorated his mighty buck...
that's a thought. 
*big smile*

they have an amazing little bistro
that serves up nothing else
but girl food.

it's magical.
i go there when i need a pick-me-up.
i go there when i want to be 
reminded what it's all about,
being a girl.
i go there when i'm driving the big
yellow school bus and
 have a little time to kill.
my treat to myself.
the minute you walk through the door
you instantly smile.

do you have a place like that?
i hope so!
every girl needs a place...
where is yours?


all of those lovely photos
are the property
of dear lizzie.
please don't sue..i just 
wanted to share the love.


bri said...

I'm not from here-and I grew up a tomboy, but the older I get the more my pink shows through. This is totally the place we should meet for lunch. What do you say?

The Mad-Hatter said...

it was fun going with you last week! that place makes me wish I was super rich so we could just buy whatever in that store!!

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