March 3, 2011

easy peasy...

i want to tell you about the yummiest, easiest, moistest
pork chops you will every hope to make.

you need these things:

can be found on the spice aisle.

pork chops, of course.

seriously, THE BEST, pork chops ever.
my little girlies even love them and the smallest one
isn't easily pleased when it comes to food.

just thought i'd share!



Griffin and Gretchen said...

with onions and apples! that sounds delish!

Kristina P. said...

I LOVE pork chops. We do like to grill them as well.

Mel said...

I see these & wonder how they taste...I'm off pc's right now, my mom ruined it for me the other night ~ scarred my pregnant nose, but these sound delish.

bri said...

pork. onions. apples.

it's whats for dinner.

so glad i stopped by.


Rachel Holloway said...

I totally did this for my first pork chops a while back--everyone laughed that I used that handy packet, but dang it, it was DELISH! :)

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