March 24, 2011

estate sales...

every once in a while i come across an estate sale.
or sometimes a garage sale that is like an estate sale.
you know the ones...they are selling off someone's
posessions because that someone is gone.
they make me sad.
like lump in my throat sad.
but i'm strangely drawn to them.
they hold someone's whole life story in a house.
or sometimes a garage.
all of their little trinkets,
and clothes,
and dishes that they served their family on,
their books, 
and bedding.
it's almost like you are an intruder.
today i stopped at an estate sale
between bus runs.
i was so excited when i saw it.
i knew the lady.
she was lovely.
i thought to myself that she would have lovely old things.
the minute i stepped through the door
i got an overwhelming sense of sadness.
a big lump in my throat.
 like i was not in a place i should be.
i was seeing all of her closets,
and her bedroom,
and what she had in her kitchen cupboards.
there were all of these strangers shuffling through her things.
it felt a little wrong.
then i saw her neighbor in her kitchen.
she was crying and looking at all of the things
that were part of this sweet lady.
all of the little christmas gifts that they had exchanged.
i felt so bad for her.
i wanted to wrap her up in a big hug.
instead i helped her sneak out the back door
so that no-one else would see her crying.
i left there with a beautiful table cloth
and a silver pie server.
i thought those things would be a way to remember
the graceful beauty that she possessed.
i hope that those few things will 
help me to remember her and try to be a little like her.



The Mad-Hatter said...

who was it mamma? I don't think I could just sell off all of your stuff if you died!

bri said...

so beautifully said. and i agree with your daughter- i am so sentimental, i know it is just stuff, but sometimes my memories are so entwined in the stuff and it is just so hard to separate. if i can feel it and see it, i can taste it and smell it and that helps me to remember it.

and then i am happy again.

Anonymous said...

Totally made me think of this:


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