March 31, 2011

it's soccer time...


maya asks about soccer non-stop.
i was so glad to find a program that is spring and fall.
the other day was the first game...
she smiled the entire game.
i forgot that she sticks her tongue out when she runs.
it makes me super nervous because i'm afraid she'll bite it off.
i'm a worrier for sure.
i also got a goal, just for me, with a two thumbs up.
i love to watch her do something that she loves.
she literally jumped up and down and smiled for 45 minutes.

i didn't get any pictures last night but i did find some from 2008.
look how darn cute she is!


1 comment:

bri said...

OMGSH i could eat her up! i love her pigtails! cutest thing ever-

so....weeknight or weekend? what works for you? btw, are you on facebook?

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