March 23, 2011

smile makers...

i wanted to share some things with you that have me smiling...

let me introduce my newest great nephew.
yes i am a great aunt a bunch of times over.
i'm old. *smile*

meet briggs.
is that hair great or what?

it makes me *smile* that this little 1st grader
loves to ride on the bus with me.
she actually gets excited about me being the sub and lets
me hug and kiss all over her before she gets off
to go into school.  right in front of everyone on the bus.
i love that.

i found a new blog that i adore.
i do not use the word adore lightly 
so you have to know it's special.
the talent this lady has
 running rampant is ridiculous.
if you have little girls she will
make you want to create lovely
creations for them.
check out the tutorials and see the 
clothing she made for project run and play.
she turned me onto my next *smile* maker.

i ordered some and guess what?
the are based in orem, utah.
yay!  no shipping costs!!
that made me *smile* even more.
i am making leggings for the little ones.
i tried to talk the oldest one into some 
but she politely declined.

this picture makes me *smile*
because that's the oldest one over
there.  she comes home on weekends
sometimes.  these days are precious
because they are too few.
my family all together makes me smile big.

this kid makes me *smile* everyday.
she is the cutest little pill there is.
i caught her yesterday unaware of me.
she had found the warm place in the sunshine
and was playing all by herself.
i love it when she doesn't know 
i am there and she is playing.
you can hear the most interesting stories.

i have a big *smile*
because this guy is planning a special
get-away for us for our 
18th anniversary that is 
coming up.
i love, love, love when we can
get away and spend 
some time all alone.
i think i will probably 
be smiling non-stop for four 
days of being nothing but a wife!

thanks for letting me share some
of my smile makers with you!

hope you have lots and lots
of things that are making you *smile*! 



Griffin and Gretchen said...

o! i love that ruffle fabric! where did you get it?!
i love that picture of Maya! So cute!

Mindy said...

Love the pic of Dave and the girls... and I'm SO excited for you that you get to have a getaway!!

Noelle said...

That picture of Dave and the girls is beautiful!!!

The Mad-Hatter said...

that school picture of Maya is CUTE! I love when she actually smiles! it's a very rare thing!!

Rachel Holloway said...

LOOOVE those fun, smile makers! Thank you so much for sharing!~!! I HOPE YOU HAVE AN INCREDIBLE getaway! YOU ABSOLUTELY deserve it. :)

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