April 29, 2011

sarah palin look alike...

so this morning i had a young jr high girl get on my bus and
tell me that i looked like sarah palin.
it took me a little by surprise because, believe it or not,
i have never been told that. *smile*
i asked her if that was a good thing and she
told me yes it was because mormons really like sarah palin.
she is very conservative, you know.
then she told me that sarah was indeed pretty.
ok. thank you, i think.
and i'm thinking that this is the sarah palin picture that
i look like on most days...

also, could you please explain to your children
that farting as they enter and exit the bus is so wrong.
first of all, i am stuck there in a little pocket
where those farts will go and linger.
and...everyone who exits or enters after them
will think that it's me.
that is just embarassing.
thanks!  bus drivers everywhere will appreciate your help with that!

have a great weekend!!

April 25, 2011

homemade laundry soap...

last summer i changed pee soaked sheets everyday for 21 days.
sometimes i also had to wash a quilt too.
as you can imagine,
you go through a lot of laundry soap doing that every.dang.day.
i have always used tide.
my mom used tide and i used tide.
with bleach or biz for whites.
i had seen (or saw? i can never figure that one out.) 
lots of people online that made their own soap and it was cheap.
my niece had also started making her own and i trust her.
so i thought, what the heck?
i have been making it ever since.
it takes a little planning ahead so there has been a couple of times
i have bought it in a pinch.
it's also not easy to find all the ingredients sometimes.
i have found them all at ridley's and they always have them.
walmart is hit and miss, imagine that.
i had to make some powder today because it's piling up and
i have to get it done today.
the big guy is getting anxious about it piling up.
but today i'll just give you the liquid recipe i like the best.
i'll let you know how the powder adds up.

liquid laundry detergent

Hot water

1/2 cup Washing Soda
1/2 cup Borax
1/3 bar Soap (grated)
  • In a large pot, heat 3 pints of water. Add the grated bar soap and stir until melted. Then add the washing soda and borax. Stir until powder is dissolved, then remove from heat.
  • In a 2 gallon clean pail, pour 1 quart of hot water and add the heated soap mixture. Top pail with cold water and stir well.
  • Use 1/2 cup per load, stirring soap before each use (will gel).

there is a great website here that gives you lots of different recipes
and has a great faq section.
we just bought a five-gallon bucket from home depot
and dave found a screw-on bucket lid at walmart.
it isn't my favorite way to store it.
i bought a water dispenser for the fridge and used
it for the first two batches but it didn't hold up very well.
i liked it because it was small and i could shake it up really easily.
you definately want to shake it up before each use.
i wish i would have found out about this when the little one
was a baby because she was allergic to everything scented
and the detergent for her was expensive.
i'm pretty sure i could have used this because it has no scent.
which is a really hard thing to get used to but you can add
essential oils if you want to.
oh and sometimes i add oxi-clean or a little extra washing soda
to the whites...they don't get quite as bright as i'd like.

so, there you go, i am one of those weird ladies who makes
their own laundry detergent...
and i make my own dishwasher detergent too.
sooo cheap.
i'll share that later or you can google it!

ciao for now!

April 22, 2011

true blue friends...


i was watching oprah yesterday
and the whole show was about her and
her friend gayle.
the whole audience was made up of besties.
i don't know about you but i would love a friend like gayle.
i'm not a good friend person though.
friendship has not come easy to me.
true friendship, that is.
i really didn't find it until i went away to college.
oh i had friends, but not true blue, stand by your side
through everything in life,  friends.
i always envied that.
i still don't have a lot of friends but the
friends i have are all handpicked by me.
quite a few of them are family.
and my best friend is dave.
not just cuz he's my husband but because
he really is my very best friend.
the funny thing is that quite a few of the women
that i am closest to i don't even live by.
they live far away and i don't get to see them 
very often.  we met online.  my niece's husband
calls them our match.com friends.
anyhoo...i'm getting away from
 what i meant to say in this post.
that happens to me a lot. 

i have recently gone through some 
that amazing woman talks quite a bit
about the people that we surround ourselves with.
who are our true blue friends?
the people who love us the most,
want the very best for us,
will cheer us on no matter what,
and want us to achieve our goals and dreams.
whatever they may be.
i put that picture of miss mady 
and her friend, brandie, up there for a reason.
brandie, by the way, will someday be a country
music sensation and you can see you saw her here first!
brandie and mady have supported each other.
been excited and happy for each other when good things happen.
been sad for each other when it went the other way.
they can trust each other.
and truly love each other for who they are.
i love that!
i love that she has a friend like that.

the other day on facebook one of my 
sweet, beautiful, talented, friends
posted that sometimes the people
in your life seem to resent it when 
you succeed.
why do we do that as women?
why do we get jealous and not 
full of joy when someone
does more than we can or will do?
i try and make a conscious effort
to not do it.
but guess what?
i still do sometimes.
sometimes i just want what my friends
have and then i get jealous.
but then i push those thoughts away
and cheer them on.
i want to challenge all of you to do the same.
love those women around you.
love them for who they are and 
help them to be their best self!
celebrate when good things happen to them
and love them through the bad times.
we are so lucky because we get to do that.
we get to, as women, have close enough
relationships that we can really 
make a difference to one another.
i am so blessed to have women 
like that in my life.
women who are my family
and women who aren't.
surround yourself with the most
uplifting, encouraging and brave
women you can find!

there is my rant for the day...
and if you read it all then you really
are one my best friends!! ha ha.

April 19, 2011

seattle part 2...

hey there...
you probably thought that 
the next post would
come quickly, huh?
yeah, sorry.
turns out that spring
decided to show herself
last week.
for a few days.
long enough for me to work
outside and get the farm
ready for summer.
it was heaven.

so here are the last of the pictures...

did you know that nearly every
city has a madison street?
true story.
but they never spell it right.
notice that rain?
it does that a lot in seattle...
did you know that?
ha ha.
good thing i love the rain
and that our hotel supplied 
us with umbrellas.
they were good like that.

speaking of the arctic club.
way cool place to stay.
it used to be a gentleman's club
back in the day.
it was antique and warm and just
what me and the big guy like.
and it was clean and we had
the room at the end of the hall
with a balcony.
it was QUIET and lovely.
i had to show you the door 
because it's like our bathroom door!
only ours is white
and i still need to find a sign that says bath.

we went to the locks and the garden 
there was full of blossoms.
ahhh how beautiful is this camellia?
i wish we could grow them here.
they are amazing.
there were so many pretty plants
and i took a bunch of pictures but i'll
just show you this perfect camellia blossom.

we got to watch a boat go 
from the lake side to the ocean side.
it was fascinating.
someone was usin their noggin
when they figured all that out.
unfortunately there were no fish
going up the ladders.
not one.

we went to mccormick and schmicks
for our anniversary dinner.
i had yummy fresh halibut crusted with macadamia nuts.
fresh fish is such a good thing.
after dinner they brought
us out this piece of equally yummy 
cheesecake...how awesome is that?!
happy anniversary written with chocolate
and raspberry puree hearts.
delish and so pretty.

so thanks for letting me share
our trip with you.
seattle is just as beautiful as i knew
it would be.
i loved every single second of it.
especially because it was with my sweetheart.


April 10, 2011

i have a most fabulous...

i told you that he had planned an anniversary get-away.
me, being the smart girl that i am, thought i had figured
out that we were going to southern  utah.
yup, he said, you guessed it.
so for 2 weeks that is where i thought we were headed.
i took my girls to fruitland thursday morning to spend
some time with gramma and grampa.
got home at 12:20 all prepared to pack and drive south.
when i got here there was a little gift box and when i 
opened it i found a note and this is what it said:

To the love of my life,
man this has been fun but hard as helk!!!
happy 18th anniversary
now hurry and pack for the airport
our flight leaves at 4:50.
love always and forever,
big D



when i was 14 i got to go to seattle
when my sweet little niece was born.
i spent a few days there and then 
drove home with my sister and bil.
i have wanted to go back ever since
and spend some time there.
my sweet husband knew that was the 
place i would love to go and 
made it all possible.
he has been planning it since DECEMBER!
he got the nicest suite he could 
find with  a big jetted tub.
it was a dream and i'm pretty sure
i was in shock until we actually got there.
it was AMAZING and spending 
that time in that place with him was 
all that it could have been and more.

a view of the city...

we took tons of pictures of the buildings...
we've never spent much time in a big city like seattle
and the buildings were beautiful.

the view from the pier.
we found this cool little place in the market to
 eat breakfast and watch the ships.

and yes, we actually had a day with some sun.
the rest of the time it rained off and on.
luckily, i love the rain!

we spent time here...
of course!
dave found some donuts that became a morning routine.
and i was in awe of all the goods.
fresh seafood, fresh cheeses, and lots of fresh flowers.
if i lived in seattle we would have fresh flowers all the time.
they were so beautiful and cheap!!

i can't tell you how badly i wished for a kitchen.
i would have loved to create some yummy goods from all
the fresh ingredients available!

i will be back tomorrow with more pictures...
we took a ton and there is more of that beautiful city
i want to share!


April 2, 2011

18 yrs...

it's been about 26 yrs since i met the man i married.

he was extremely cute and shy.
he had a blonde new wave haircut.
he was unlike any boy i had met before.
he had amazing blue eyes.
he wrote me lots of notes.
he was a great friend...and kisser.:D
he made me a cake when i came home from california
and brought it to me at 10:30 at night.
we talked until the wee hours of the morning just about every night.
then we parted ways.

then we found each other again.
my mom went to the car wash where he was working.
he met mady.
i took two hours to get the courage to call him.
i did.
we dated for a while.
then he was in the shower one day and thought to himself why am i here alone?
yup, that's why he proposed.
*wink and a smile*
we were married 3 months later.
i would've married him a month after we started dating.
i was that sure he was the one.
he still had blonde curly hair.
and amazingly beautiful blue eyes.
did i also mention that his smile makes me weak in the knees?
still does.
and he can make me laugh until i snort and cry.

it's been right around 26 yrs since we first met.
we've lived some life.
had lots of fun together.
he still makes me weak in the knees when he smiles.
he's bald now but it's kinda hot.
and those blue eyes have some crinkles around them but they are still beautiful.
he still makes me laugh.
we have raised one beautiful girl.
we've been through the heartache of infertility.
we've adopted two gorgeous girls.
our commitment to each other is solid.
rock solid.
i love him more than i could've ever thought imaginable 26 yrs ago.
hell i love him more than i could've imagined 18 yrs ago.
he is my best friend.
and i'll love him always and forever.

xo babe,

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