April 10, 2011

i have a most fabulous...

i told you that he had planned an anniversary get-away.
me, being the smart girl that i am, thought i had figured
out that we were going to southern  utah.
yup, he said, you guessed it.
so for 2 weeks that is where i thought we were headed.
i took my girls to fruitland thursday morning to spend
some time with gramma and grampa.
got home at 12:20 all prepared to pack and drive south.
when i got here there was a little gift box and when i 
opened it i found a note and this is what it said:

To the love of my life,
man this has been fun but hard as helk!!!
happy 18th anniversary
now hurry and pack for the airport
our flight leaves at 4:50.
love always and forever,
big D



when i was 14 i got to go to seattle
when my sweet little niece was born.
i spent a few days there and then 
drove home with my sister and bil.
i have wanted to go back ever since
and spend some time there.
my sweet husband knew that was the 
place i would love to go and 
made it all possible.
he has been planning it since DECEMBER!
he got the nicest suite he could 
find with  a big jetted tub.
it was a dream and i'm pretty sure
i was in shock until we actually got there.
it was AMAZING and spending 
that time in that place with him was 
all that it could have been and more.

a view of the city...

we took tons of pictures of the buildings...
we've never spent much time in a big city like seattle
and the buildings were beautiful.

the view from the pier.
we found this cool little place in the market to
 eat breakfast and watch the ships.

and yes, we actually had a day with some sun.
the rest of the time it rained off and on.
luckily, i love the rain!

we spent time here...
of course!
dave found some donuts that became a morning routine.
and i was in awe of all the goods.
fresh seafood, fresh cheeses, and lots of fresh flowers.
if i lived in seattle we would have fresh flowers all the time.
they were so beautiful and cheap!!

i can't tell you how badly i wished for a kitchen.
i would have loved to create some yummy goods from all
the fresh ingredients available!

i will be back tomorrow with more pictures...
we took a ton and there is more of that beautiful city
i want to share!



Mindy said...

Seattle is an amazing city! What a wonderful surprise!!! I'm so excited that you two got to go. :)

Tanya said...

That is cool! Those pics are amazing! I'm so happy you got to go!

Kristin said...

stop.it.right.now!! eeeee!! seattle is on my list of must sees..sigh..CANNOT wait to see the rest of your photos!! SO excited for you dear girl!!

prairie xo

Griffin and Gretchen said...

GOod husband award goes to...DAVE! o that's so fun!

Anonymous said...

I wish we had fresh cheap flowers here. (Emphasis on cheap!) Awesome trip.

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