April 29, 2011

sarah palin look alike...

so this morning i had a young jr high girl get on my bus and
tell me that i looked like sarah palin.
it took me a little by surprise because, believe it or not,
i have never been told that. *smile*
i asked her if that was a good thing and she
told me yes it was because mormons really like sarah palin.
she is very conservative, you know.
then she told me that sarah was indeed pretty.
ok. thank you, i think.
and i'm thinking that this is the sarah palin picture that
i look like on most days...

also, could you please explain to your children
that farting as they enter and exit the bus is so wrong.
first of all, i am stuck there in a little pocket
where those farts will go and linger.
and...everyone who exits or enters after them
will think that it's me.
that is just embarassing.
thanks!  bus drivers everywhere will appreciate your help with that!

have a great weekend!!


bri said...

So pretty!

Aren't we all a little bipolar, dysfunctional, crazy or whatever you want to call it? ;)

I always think that when I choose a stall in the bathroom at work-I think, crap all I have to do is pee! If someone comes in after me, they'll think it was me! Then the sane part of me jumps in and reminds me it IS a bathroom afterall.

So ridiculous!

You had me rolling! Happy snowy spring weekend!

Marci said...

touche' miss bri. i am a little crazy myself as we all know! and i certainly mean it when i hand out compliments so i will take that sarah comment with pride!!

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