April 19, 2011

seattle part 2...

hey there...
you probably thought that 
the next post would
come quickly, huh?
yeah, sorry.
turns out that spring
decided to show herself
last week.
for a few days.
long enough for me to work
outside and get the farm
ready for summer.
it was heaven.

so here are the last of the pictures...

did you know that nearly every
city has a madison street?
true story.
but they never spell it right.
notice that rain?
it does that a lot in seattle...
did you know that?
ha ha.
good thing i love the rain
and that our hotel supplied 
us with umbrellas.
they were good like that.

speaking of the arctic club.
way cool place to stay.
it used to be a gentleman's club
back in the day.
it was antique and warm and just
what me and the big guy like.
and it was clean and we had
the room at the end of the hall
with a balcony.
it was QUIET and lovely.
i had to show you the door 
because it's like our bathroom door!
only ours is white
and i still need to find a sign that says bath.

we went to the locks and the garden 
there was full of blossoms.
ahhh how beautiful is this camellia?
i wish we could grow them here.
they are amazing.
there were so many pretty plants
and i took a bunch of pictures but i'll
just show you this perfect camellia blossom.

we got to watch a boat go 
from the lake side to the ocean side.
it was fascinating.
someone was usin their noggin
when they figured all that out.
unfortunately there were no fish
going up the ladders.
not one.

we went to mccormick and schmicks
for our anniversary dinner.
i had yummy fresh halibut crusted with macadamia nuts.
fresh fish is such a good thing.
after dinner they brought
us out this piece of equally yummy 
cheesecake...how awesome is that?!
happy anniversary written with chocolate
and raspberry puree hearts.
delish and so pretty.

so thanks for letting me share
our trip with you.
seattle is just as beautiful as i knew
it would be.
i loved every single second of it.
especially because it was with my sweetheart.



Mindy said...

I've been waiting for this!! You look gorgeous in that pic with Dave!! Seriously gorgeous.

Rachel Holloway said...

What a fantastic trip and an incredible hubby for planning it all! SOOOO sweet.

But gotta say...after scrolling through all those amazing photos, the one that struck me the most was of YOU. Do you realize just how GORGEOUS you are?!?!

Tanya said...

Yup...I ditto!! What a great picture of you...and of Dave too :) You need to have that pic in your house...Love it! How fun for you my friend!! You so deserved this trip and I am so happy that you had such a great time!!

Marci said...

um...i have the sweetest friends in all the world!
thank you for being so nice to me.;D

Holly said...

Ok, so I finally got to reading part 2 and loved it. I love that your hubby did the whole thing for you/ so sweet. The reason I came on here to comment was to tell you how beautiful you are. But I guess I am way too late since all of your other Match.com friends already told you. I am just so jealous of you and I thought you should know.

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