April 22, 2011

true blue friends...


i was watching oprah yesterday
and the whole show was about her and
her friend gayle.
the whole audience was made up of besties.
i don't know about you but i would love a friend like gayle.
i'm not a good friend person though.
friendship has not come easy to me.
true friendship, that is.
i really didn't find it until i went away to college.
oh i had friends, but not true blue, stand by your side
through everything in life,  friends.
i always envied that.
i still don't have a lot of friends but the
friends i have are all handpicked by me.
quite a few of them are family.
and my best friend is dave.
not just cuz he's my husband but because
he really is my very best friend.
the funny thing is that quite a few of the women
that i am closest to i don't even live by.
they live far away and i don't get to see them 
very often.  we met online.  my niece's husband
calls them our match.com friends.
anyhoo...i'm getting away from
 what i meant to say in this post.
that happens to me a lot. 

i have recently gone through some 
that amazing woman talks quite a bit
about the people that we surround ourselves with.
who are our true blue friends?
the people who love us the most,
want the very best for us,
will cheer us on no matter what,
and want us to achieve our goals and dreams.
whatever they may be.
i put that picture of miss mady 
and her friend, brandie, up there for a reason.
brandie, by the way, will someday be a country
music sensation and you can see you saw her here first!
brandie and mady have supported each other.
been excited and happy for each other when good things happen.
been sad for each other when it went the other way.
they can trust each other.
and truly love each other for who they are.
i love that!
i love that she has a friend like that.

the other day on facebook one of my 
sweet, beautiful, talented, friends
posted that sometimes the people
in your life seem to resent it when 
you succeed.
why do we do that as women?
why do we get jealous and not 
full of joy when someone
does more than we can or will do?
i try and make a conscious effort
to not do it.
but guess what?
i still do sometimes.
sometimes i just want what my friends
have and then i get jealous.
but then i push those thoughts away
and cheer them on.
i want to challenge all of you to do the same.
love those women around you.
love them for who they are and 
help them to be their best self!
celebrate when good things happen to them
and love them through the bad times.
we are so lucky because we get to do that.
we get to, as women, have close enough
relationships that we can really 
make a difference to one another.
i am so blessed to have women 
like that in my life.
women who are my family
and women who aren't.
surround yourself with the most
uplifting, encouraging and brave
women you can find!

there is my rant for the day...
and if you read it all then you really
are one my best friends!! ha ha.


Mindy said...

I just love you, Marci.

bri said...

I made it to the end. I read every word.

Choose your shade of blue.

I think you and me could be that kind of friends.

Just sayin...

Tanya said...

I love this post. I relate to it well! but hopefully one of your true friends does live close :D Love ya Marci!!

The Mad-Hatter said...

i miss her :(

Callie said...

I love this post! I haven't had the best luck in the girlfriend department. I am lucky to be married to my bestfriend too! I am also lucky to have my mom and my sister as two of my closest friends.

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