May 27, 2011


hey there everyone!
happy friday!!!

hop on over to *SPARK*
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and to up the anty...
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i will draw a name on sunday at some point.
make sure to leave an email address.


May 23, 2011

maya got...


they are pink and a little sassy...
just perfect for a little sassy girl!


May 20, 2011

my little portobello pixie...

once upon a time...
a long, long time ago
i started to make a dress for 
the littlest one.
i had a darling little pattern
from portobello pixie.
don't you just love that name?
i think of little pixies playing
everytime i hear it.
anyways, back to my story.
i finally finished the cute little dress.
i was sooo excited and then
wouldn't you know...
the little girl who begs to wear
a dress everyday cried for one full
hour because i wanted her to wear 
her new dress that i was
so proud of.
i hate it when that happens,
don't you?
i finally won the battle
and wear it she did.
and, if i do say so myself,
she looked adorable.
*big smile*
luckily everyone we saw
complimented her on her 
beautiful dress and made 
her feel like a 
princess so hopefully 
next time she will happily
don her new dress.
so without further ado,
here is the cute little one. 

isn't she adorable?
i think so.


i am linked to 
air your laundry friday
at freckled laundry.

freckled laundry

you should go over..
seriously, go!

May 17, 2011


all caps excited! 

i just got accepted to be a vendor
i can't wait to get the creative juices
a flowin' and come up with some 
extra special goods to sell.
i bribed the man with an hour massage
once a week until the fun begins
so he agreed to let me *splurge*
and be a *student* too!!
(he actually told me it was optional 
but would be much appreciated. ;D)

AAA i am so excited!

yay yay yay!!!

May 15, 2011

spring beauty...

well hello there beautiful!

it's soo nice to see you again...

you are almost as lovely as the lilacs

and you make the air smell yummy...
like smarties.

don't tell the others, but you are my favorite in the spring.
ooo except for the lilacs, sorry but you will always come second to them.
thank you for your beautiful blossoms that make 
me happy every time i see them.

hope you are surrounded by spring beauty!

May 3, 2011

big sister...

today i got a letter from the little girl's
biological big sister and there were pictures!
i wish i could share a couple of them with you
but i wouldn't want to invade her privacy.
she is beautiful.
imagine the one on the left up there
in about 13 yrs and that's what she looks like.
it was so awesome to get those pictures.
it's weird when you adopt because
you have no reference point for what they 
will look like when they are older.
now we most definately have one for maya.
and she will be a stunner.
it's so hard because i want to 
just show her those pictures.
to show her how amazingly 
beautiful she will be.
to give her that gift of another big sister.
but she isn't ready for that yet.
she isn't emotionally mature 
enough for that yet.
but i'm so glad that when she is
i have pictures for her.
i am so glad that someday she will be
able to meet her and learn from her
and hear the stories that i can't tell.
it's just so cool!


May 1, 2011


ok...i want to buy photoshop.
i want/need to be able to make 
my own graphics for the blog 
and website.
it's pricey to pay someone else!
and i've been doing it for 8 yrs.
i could have bought the expensive 
photoshop with all that money.
so here is the problem...
photoshop cs5 or whatever it is
 is wayyyy
out of my money league.
that puppy is expensive.
so, do any of you just have
elements 9?
would it do what i need it to?
i just need to design graphics.
i don't need fancy schmancy photo stuff.
any input or knowledge would be
greatly appreciated!

happy sunday!!
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