May 3, 2011

big sister...

today i got a letter from the little girl's
biological big sister and there were pictures!
i wish i could share a couple of them with you
but i wouldn't want to invade her privacy.
she is beautiful.
imagine the one on the left up there
in about 13 yrs and that's what she looks like.
it was so awesome to get those pictures.
it's weird when you adopt because
you have no reference point for what they 
will look like when they are older.
now we most definately have one for maya.
and she will be a stunner.
it's so hard because i want to 
just show her those pictures.
to show her how amazingly 
beautiful she will be.
to give her that gift of another big sister.
but she isn't ready for that yet.
she isn't emotionally mature 
enough for that yet.
but i'm so glad that when she is
i have pictures for her.
i am so glad that someday she will be
able to meet her and learn from her
and hear the stories that i can't tell.
it's just so cool!



don and jacki said...

I LOVE this picture of these 2 BEAUTIFUL little ones! Hugs and kisses for them! Love you!

Kristina P. said...

I love stories like this! Yay for adoption.

the WINTERS family! said...

They are all beautiful girls. It will be wonderful for them to talk to her when they get older!

Mels said...

I love that picture of your girls! Gorgeous!

Tanya said...

How cool is this? What a great gift for her when she is ready!! And this picture of 2 of your 3 darling girls...I love it!!!

oviya said...

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