May 20, 2011

my little portobello pixie...

once upon a time...
a long, long time ago
i started to make a dress for 
the littlest one.
i had a darling little pattern
from portobello pixie.
don't you just love that name?
i think of little pixies playing
everytime i hear it.
anyways, back to my story.
i finally finished the cute little dress.
i was sooo excited and then
wouldn't you know...
the little girl who begs to wear
a dress everyday cried for one full
hour because i wanted her to wear 
her new dress that i was
so proud of.
i hate it when that happens,
don't you?
i finally won the battle
and wear it she did.
and, if i do say so myself,
she looked adorable.
*big smile*
luckily everyone we saw
complimented her on her 
beautiful dress and made 
her feel like a 
princess so hopefully 
next time she will happily
don her new dress.
so without further ado,
here is the cute little one. 

isn't she adorable?
i think so.


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