May 1, 2011


ok...i want to buy photoshop.
i want/need to be able to make 
my own graphics for the blog 
and website.
it's pricey to pay someone else!
and i've been doing it for 8 yrs.
i could have bought the expensive 
photoshop with all that money.
so here is the problem...
photoshop cs5 or whatever it is
 is wayyyy
out of my money league.
that puppy is expensive.
so, do any of you just have
elements 9?
would it do what i need it to?
i just need to design graphics.
i don't need fancy schmancy photo stuff.
any input or knowledge would be
greatly appreciated!

happy sunday!!


the WINTERS family! said...

First of all, it is not may1. Second of all, I love your blog, I cannot help you with whatever it is you want, but your blog is so interesting and cute and creative. Just wanted to tell you. Love ya! Okay, so I am wrong it really is may 1!

Kristin said...

i have photoshop but the only reason i do is i got a killer deal to upgrade from elements to full photoshop..{like 60% off!} yay! having both you can do a lot of designing in elements and some of the tools are easier to use in elements than photoshop in my opinion...but i just heard of a FREE program you can download that you can use to put textures onto your photos and what not..not sure if you can use it to design in though...but check it out it is called GIMP...

hope this helps...


Anonymous said...

I have an old Elements. I think Elements 5 from several years ago. I liked it a lot (it doesn't work on my new computer), it does a lot of neat stuff, but I did think it was hard to figure out how to use for a long time. Or possibly I am just lame....yeah, probably that.

Charma said...

I have Elements 9 and I like it alot. It can be a little tricky to use, but you can find a ton of helpful videos on youtube to help figure it out. I also think Megan uses Elements 9 for all of her graphics.

The Clarks said...

Yes mamm I have designed a lot of things in elements, Of course CS5 is more advanced and you can do more with it, but I think elements is getting better and better Elements 7 8 & 9 are much more advanced than the ones before. I think you could do anything you want in Elements

The Clarks said...

Also you might want to look into Adobe Illustrator

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