June 27, 2011


for some reason i am drawn to a certain place.
i always meet women from there i love.
i think it is one of the prettiest places there is.
it's small town at it's best...
everything seems a little bit slower there.
slower is better in my book.
i got to go for a visit this past weekend and meet
one of my sweet *match.com* friends.
she was a part of a backyard boutique that got it's 
inspiration from *fallow field farm marketplace*.
it was awesome!
i met some very cool women who i hope will come 
be vendors for me!!  
i also bought some treasures...
wanna see?
good, cuz i'm showin em to ya anyways.
*big smile*

i saw this and knew right off it was coming home with me...
i told the man we should hang it in our room cuz that's what i say when i see him.  ha.
he didn't go for that...maybe.
actually i've been looking for a sign that said yum for the kitchen.

i bought this little pillow from the same amazing lady.

pretty, isn't she?  love that bling!
she had so many things i could've brought home but i had to pace myself.

this lady makes super cool metal picture holders...
i saw this and knew right where it would go.
the littlest ladies room on my favorite garage sale find of the season.
i'll share that later.

i was so excited to find this!
i've been searching for just the right size basket for the bathroom
and poof!  there it was.
the super cool lady who had the boutique had it for a steal.

and last but not least...
my friend from faded prairie had too many cool things to choose from.
this bucket had just the perfect shade of green to match my coolers
and fits just right in the kitchen.
and that little chicken feeder?
i still have some thoughts floatin around about that.

this is kristin's awesome space...

i was a big dufus and forgot to take pictures.
so bummed because the yard was gorgeous and there were some cool booths.
i always do that, i swear.
not to mention that we drove down to torrey, utah 
where i could have taken a million pictures.
that place is god's country and it is breathtakingly beautiful.
and they have a mean burger joint.

on the way out of town we saw this guy and bid him a fond farewell...

can't wait to see him again next year!


June 23, 2011

letting loose...

photo by melinda smith

i am working my way through 
soul restoration with the brave girls.
i would recommend that any woman
 in the world do this online class.
it has been an amazing little journey so far. 
it's made me think in ways 
i haven't allowed myself to think before.
about the people in my life and who 
should and shouldn't be
 allowed into my soul house.
have you ever just stopped 
and given a real deep thought to 
who you have in your life?
what they bring to it...good or bad? 
 negative or positive? 
 do they suck the life right out of you?
or do they make you want
 to be a better you.
  do they encourage you
 to live your hopes and dreams?
that is the biggest thing 
i have learned from this class.  
i don't have to allow just anyone in.
i get to choose.
that's a powerful thing.
it's been an amazing eye opener for me.
i get to choose.
and i get to be picky. 
 i only have to truly let in those people 
who love me and want the very best for me.
amazing, really.
what are your thoughts on that?


June 19, 2011

bountiful baskets...

image is from fabulous and frugal

i just realized what my last post was about.
this post is about bountiful baskets...polar opposites.

so, apparently i am late coming to the party with this but
if you are also lame and didn't know about them no
worries, mate.  i am here to educate.
(that totally rhymed!)

bountiful baskets is a co-op organization that is run
by volunteers.  you can buy a basket each week for
$16 or if you want organic $26.  they are all over
the states of utah, arizona, and i think california.
the whole idea is to bring cheap produce to you by
buying from the growers ourselves and cutting out
the middle man.  sounds good, eh?

i did my first basket on saturday and wish i would
have taken a picture but i never think about these things.
i got a head of cabbage, bananas, 2 containers of black berries,
apples, cucumbers, celery, spinach, romaine, a cantaloupe, tomatoes,
and colorful little peppers, oh and plums.  it was awesome!
i was worried about how i would use certain things because
cabbage isn't generally something i cook with a lot.  but the
cool thing is that it will make me use things i wouldn't usually think of.

so it is cool and rainy today and i was wondering what i should
make for dinner because the man is at work..nice way to spend father's day...
and i decided that a nice pot of veggie soup would hit the spot for
me and the little ones.  guess what?  that cabbage fit in perfectly
with the rest of the yummy veggies in there.  and i used some of
the celery in there too. added some fresh herbs from the garden.  yum.
goodness in a crockpot.  and added bonus, my little veggie lover has
been munching on the raw cabbage!

so, i just wanted to let you know about my new great find.
i'm excited about it and love to share things i'm excited about!!

happy father's day and sunday!

June 13, 2011


does letting my daughter
 eat doritos with 
cheese melted on them 
for breakfast
make me a bad mother?  

oh and i wanted to share something i found while searching for a doritos image...
surfers are yummy....
don't tell big d i said that ok?
it's our secret.;D

June 10, 2011

it's the little things...

a little somethin to welcome a little girlie to her room...


June 9, 2011


as my gramma dodge
used to say...
'aren't those just gargeous?'


June 7, 2011

can i tell you something?

sorry about the super sucky picture
i was trying to hurry and get one before the man boxed it up.

i've been making a special order
for a lady in tennessee tonight.
i love the www and the fact
that someone in cumberland gap, tn 
can order a picture from someone in 
lindon, ut.  isn't it just cool?

when i am working i think...
random things mostly.
and this is what i was thinking 
about tonight...

i have been selling things i've
 made for almost 10 yrs now.
i started at craft shows...i don't even know
 how many i've done but it's been a few.
*big smile*
i've sold goods at quilted bear in
 midvale & ogden, utah and mesa, arizona.
my things have been sold at a shop in st. george
and my favorite little shop,
 scrooge & marley's in lehi, utah
i've had an online shop for about 4 yrs now.
there are people from australia, canada, and norway 
as well as from sea to shining sea who have
things that i have handmade in their homes.
women have trusted me with creating treasures
for their homes...just trusted my creativity.
but, do you know what?
every time i receive an order i am a little surprised.
every time someone buys something at a show
i get a little bit of a thrill.
and a little bit of a 'really?'.
you really like what i do enough to pay
your good hard earned money for it?
it amazes me.
it makes me feel honored that people
want something that i made in their home.
isn't that just the coolest thing?

i always envy the women who just 
have the confidence to know that they
have a talent that other people would
love to pay money for.
i envy the 'i am the shiz and i know it'
attitude that some women just have.
they just know that what they do is the best.
but, i also love that i can appreciate
every sale.  whether it is 1 dollar or 500.
i appreciate and get excited over every single one.
is that silly or what?
if it is...i am soo ok with that!


June 1, 2011

ahh miss maya...

you win the 
'brought a smile to my face'
award today.

i love my girls.
a lot.

somedays i feel like such a failure 
as a mom and then i see 
something like this and it makes
me think that i might be doin ok.
thank goodness for
 things like this!


miss mindy smith come on down!...

you won $25 to spend
at mady sunshine.
or any old way you want.
i do special orders, you know.

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