June 19, 2011

bountiful baskets...

image is from fabulous and frugal

i just realized what my last post was about.
this post is about bountiful baskets...polar opposites.

so, apparently i am late coming to the party with this but
if you are also lame and didn't know about them no
worries, mate.  i am here to educate.
(that totally rhymed!)

bountiful baskets is a co-op organization that is run
by volunteers.  you can buy a basket each week for
$16 or if you want organic $26.  they are all over
the states of utah, arizona, and i think california.
the whole idea is to bring cheap produce to you by
buying from the growers ourselves and cutting out
the middle man.  sounds good, eh?

i did my first basket on saturday and wish i would
have taken a picture but i never think about these things.
i got a head of cabbage, bananas, 2 containers of black berries,
apples, cucumbers, celery, spinach, romaine, a cantaloupe, tomatoes,
and colorful little peppers, oh and plums.  it was awesome!
i was worried about how i would use certain things because
cabbage isn't generally something i cook with a lot.  but the
cool thing is that it will make me use things i wouldn't usually think of.

so it is cool and rainy today and i was wondering what i should
make for dinner because the man is at work..nice way to spend father's day...
and i decided that a nice pot of veggie soup would hit the spot for
me and the little ones.  guess what?  that cabbage fit in perfectly
with the rest of the yummy veggies in there.  and i used some of
the celery in there too. added some fresh herbs from the garden.  yum.
goodness in a crockpot.  and added bonus, my little veggie lover has
been munching on the raw cabbage!

so, i just wanted to let you know about my new great find.
i'm excited about it and love to share things i'm excited about!!

happy father's day and sunday!

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