June 7, 2011

can i tell you something?

sorry about the super sucky picture
i was trying to hurry and get one before the man boxed it up.

i've been making a special order
for a lady in tennessee tonight.
i love the www and the fact
that someone in cumberland gap, tn 
can order a picture from someone in 
lindon, ut.  isn't it just cool?

when i am working i think...
random things mostly.
and this is what i was thinking 
about tonight...

i have been selling things i've
 made for almost 10 yrs now.
i started at craft shows...i don't even know
 how many i've done but it's been a few.
*big smile*
i've sold goods at quilted bear in
 midvale & ogden, utah and mesa, arizona.
my things have been sold at a shop in st. george
and my favorite little shop,
 scrooge & marley's in lehi, utah
i've had an online shop for about 4 yrs now.
there are people from australia, canada, and norway 
as well as from sea to shining sea who have
things that i have handmade in their homes.
women have trusted me with creating treasures
for their homes...just trusted my creativity.
but, do you know what?
every time i receive an order i am a little surprised.
every time someone buys something at a show
i get a little bit of a thrill.
and a little bit of a 'really?'.
you really like what i do enough to pay
your good hard earned money for it?
it amazes me.
it makes me feel honored that people
want something that i made in their home.
isn't that just the coolest thing?

i always envy the women who just 
have the confidence to know that they
have a talent that other people would
love to pay money for.
i envy the 'i am the shiz and i know it'
attitude that some women just have.
they just know that what they do is the best.
but, i also love that i can appreciate
every sale.  whether it is 1 dollar or 500.
i appreciate and get excited over every single one.
is that silly or what?
if it is...i am soo ok with that!



Mindy said...

You ARE the shiz... but I love that you still get that little thrill. That's what will keep it fun and exciting! :)

the WINTERS family! said...
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bri said...

i love learning more and more about you everyday. you ooze creativity and talent. i must find this scrooge and marleys. i pass thru lehi all the time! :) live it up girl- you are some kind of wonderful!

Rachel Holloway said...

You are one of the most incredible people I know--and the fact that I hung onto a tiny jar of strawberry jam you gave me, should be proof that people love having a little piece of you--because you are so special, so talented, and just the kind of person that people can't love!

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