June 23, 2011

letting loose...

photo by melinda smith

i am working my way through 
soul restoration with the brave girls.
i would recommend that any woman
 in the world do this online class.
it has been an amazing little journey so far. 
it's made me think in ways 
i haven't allowed myself to think before.
about the people in my life and who 
should and shouldn't be
 allowed into my soul house.
have you ever just stopped 
and given a real deep thought to 
who you have in your life?
what they bring to it...good or bad? 
 negative or positive? 
 do they suck the life right out of you?
or do they make you want
 to be a better you.
  do they encourage you
 to live your hopes and dreams?
that is the biggest thing 
i have learned from this class.  
i don't have to allow just anyone in.
i get to choose.
that's a powerful thing.
it's been an amazing eye opener for me.
i get to choose.
and i get to be picky. 
 i only have to truly let in those people 
who love me and want the very best for me.
amazing, really.
what are your thoughts on that?



Anonymous said...

love it.

the WINTERS family! said...

Smart girl! Love ya

bri said...

that we should meet, because i think we were meant to be friends.

just a feeling. :)

Rachel Holloway said...

I think what you wrote speaks SO VERY MUCH to me. I need this class--these lessons...HOW? Gonna browse that website till I figure it out. Thank you--for sharing those things, and for allowing me in your life. Because you truly are the kind of someone who makes life so much happier, just by knowing ya. LOVE YOU SWEET FRIEND!

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