June 27, 2011


for some reason i am drawn to a certain place.
i always meet women from there i love.
i think it is one of the prettiest places there is.
it's small town at it's best...
everything seems a little bit slower there.
slower is better in my book.
i got to go for a visit this past weekend and meet
one of my sweet *match.com* friends.
she was a part of a backyard boutique that got it's 
inspiration from *fallow field farm marketplace*.
it was awesome!
i met some very cool women who i hope will come 
be vendors for me!!  
i also bought some treasures...
wanna see?
good, cuz i'm showin em to ya anyways.
*big smile*

i saw this and knew right off it was coming home with me...
i told the man we should hang it in our room cuz that's what i say when i see him.  ha.
he didn't go for that...maybe.
actually i've been looking for a sign that said yum for the kitchen.

i bought this little pillow from the same amazing lady.

pretty, isn't she?  love that bling!
she had so many things i could've brought home but i had to pace myself.

this lady makes super cool metal picture holders...
i saw this and knew right where it would go.
the littlest ladies room on my favorite garage sale find of the season.
i'll share that later.

i was so excited to find this!
i've been searching for just the right size basket for the bathroom
and poof!  there it was.
the super cool lady who had the boutique had it for a steal.

and last but not least...
my friend from faded prairie had too many cool things to choose from.
this bucket had just the perfect shade of green to match my coolers
and fits just right in the kitchen.
and that little chicken feeder?
i still have some thoughts floatin around about that.

this is kristin's awesome space...

i was a big dufus and forgot to take pictures.
so bummed because the yard was gorgeous and there were some cool booths.
i always do that, i swear.
not to mention that we drove down to torrey, utah 
where i could have taken a million pictures.
that place is god's country and it is breathtakingly beautiful.
and they have a mean burger joint.

on the way out of town we saw this guy and bid him a fond farewell...

can't wait to see him again next year!



Felicia said...

I'm so sad I missed you! I've been so crazy lately I don't know whether to scratch my watch or wind my butt.

I was home, but completely forgot about the boutique. Sigh...

Anonymous said...

Love all that stuff, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY my bloggie buddy.

the WINTERS family! said...

I love all that cute stuff you got. Can't wait to see where you put it!

Little Chicks Info said...

Um...call me when you go to these things! I would've bought a ton!
Christine @ this and that creations

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