June 13, 2011


does letting my daughter
 eat doritos with 
cheese melted on them 
for breakfast
make me a bad mother?  

oh and i wanted to share something i found while searching for a doritos image...
surfers are yummy....
don't tell big d i said that ok?
it's our secret.;D


Anonymous said...

Think of it this way: Wheat in the Doritos, Veges in the spices on the Doritos and Dairy in the cheese! Now, don't you feel better? :)

Mindy said...

Yum and yum.

bri said...

no it makes you a GREAT friend for sharing the best snack idea EVER!

i love cheese!
i love doritos!
why have i not thought of this?

my butt thanks you.

me not so much. ;)

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