July 8, 2011

grilled turkey sammies...

the other day i got to 
spend a couple of hours
 with one of  my favorite people.
 she is also one of the vendors at
and makes the most adorable
hats you've ever seen. 
you'll have to come see them
when you come to the show on
september 17, 2011.
(sorry about the plug there)
anyways i got off course
there for a moment, sorry.
we went to a lovely little
spot on main street
in pleasant grove,
a neighboring town.
it's called 
and it is that.
my friend, dana, owns it
and she is adorable.
i got the yummiest sandwich!
and because i can't go eat there
everyday i made one for
myself at home.
it's not quite as good
because i can't visit with 
a friend under a chandelier
outside on a quaint 
small town main street
but it is tasty.
so here's how you 
make it...

sliced turkey breast, i use the mesquite and it's good
muenster cheese
sliced apple...like a fuji or gala...sliced thin
mayo and mustard blended together
some kind of yummy whole wheat or seven grain bread
a little butter and a hot skillet
assemble all of your sandwich goods on that yummy bread
and grill on both sides....easy peasy and so so good. 

if you can...
go visit dana
and try out some 
of their yummy
  and if you can't...
then whip up 
one up for yourself!

have a very happy
summer day!!



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Anonymous said...

wow,, beautiful post,, I'll be back for sure,,

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