July 5, 2011

a hand full of fingers...

this many years ago

a little princess came into the world
for the sole purpose of stealing our hearts.

she goes by many names...

peytie poop

princess pete with smelly feet

baby peyton

and texas 

but mainly she's just my baby girl.
she reminds me frequently
that she will always be my baby girl.
it was a rocky beginning...
life was a little hard for the first little bit,
both for her and us.
but my life would never
 have been complete 
without the princess.
she is sassy but sweet.
funny, silly, thoughtful,
beautiful, cuddly and shy.

happy birthday little mama.
you are my sunshine.


Griffin and Gretchen said...

ooo happy birthdya paytie!!!

the WINTERS family! said...

Oh My, I love the "texas" Cheese! Happy Birthday princess Peytie!! Love ya

bri said...

she is light and a ray of sunshine and if you call her texas then she is a girl after my own heart...it is where i am from. happy birthday baby girl!

thanks for your email. been a rough few weeks or something.

of everyone, someone i have never met noticed. you are growing roots i hope you know, deep down in my heart. love you.

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