July 20, 2011

marge's clam dip...

my brother-in-law's mother was named marge.
she lived in a very cool old house 
on fraternity row in salt lake.
she had lots of awesome old treasures...
wonder if part of my love for all 
things old comes from marge's house?!?
she also was an amazing cook.
lately big d has been
 craving her clam dip.
i've been making it almost
have i ever mentioned that
when he starts to craving
something he will eat it until
he can no longer 
stand the sight of it??  
sometimes that takes
a very, very, long time.
i will never be able to eat
at panda express again.
it is delightfully delicious though.
some ruffles with ridges,
clam dip,
and an ice cold pepsi
are a good thing.
it's a good summer lunch.
i wanted to share the recipe with you.
hopefully it isn't a family secret...
is it ginny?
if so, sorry.

Marge Winters' Clam Dip
1 carton sour cream
3 gr. onions, finely diced
2 cans clams, rinsed and drained well
dash or two of tobasco
salt and pepper to taste
lemon juice to taste
make sure to taste with a chip though
because the chips are salty...you may not
want more salt.

happy dipping!

1 comment:

Griffin and Gretchen said...

OMG no clam dip beats her clam dip. It still makes me think of her

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